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Wordless Wednesday – it was a bit windy last week

Posted on: January 16, 2008

a bit windy last week

13 Responses to "Wordless Wednesday – it was a bit windy last week"

ops….in here also very windy this week :((

My Wordless Wednesday in here

Uhoh, I think you might need a few nails and a hammer – but that is a very cool angle for the pic!

Happy WW 🙂

Wow…just a bit. That stinks.

Hope your WW isn’t so windy.

I hope that’s the only damage. Hope today isn’t too windy.

yikes!! cool shot, though. (see? i told you….)

ups what happened here ??? happy ww

oh wow! i hope it’s calmed down since then. 🙂

Ouch! So sorry you have to deal with that!

Ohh – that is not good! Cool photo! Good luck on the clean up – will insurance pay for repairs??

YOWZA! Yeah, I’d say that qualifies as windy.

I’m chuckling at that cuz I hear ya girl! It’s also been very windy on the west coast this week.

eeps that cannot be good!

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