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*** just fyi…i started writing this post on April 6th. Logan is all better now…but that fact that i’m just finishing this and posting it now just shows you how frick-frackin’ tired i am!

we brought more home from my parents’ place than chocolate bunnies after spending the Easter weekend there. all of us came home with a crappy cold. unfortunately, Logan’s has gone ahead and progressed into Croup.

i’m not sure how he got Croup. all i know is that my nephew was just getting over a cold, my niece was just starting a cold, and my cousin’s 3 daughters all had some kind of cold when we saw them for Easter.

Logan kept grabbing my nephew Oliver’s pacifier and shoving it in his mouth, which can’t have been good. my niece Georgina was snotting all over him. and my cousin’s daughters, the oldest being 6 years old, have never been told not sneeze or cough all over other people, other people’s food, or to simply cover their mouths.

so Zander, Carlos and i are getting over our stuffy noses….and Logan has Croup.

i’ve never dealt with Croup before, but i recognized the telltale barking-seal signs when Logan coughed. here in Ontario, we have a service called TeleHealth. great service. it’s a call center manned by nurses. you speak to a nurse, tell them what’s going on with you or your loved one, and they can give you recommendations to treat the illness/injury at home, advise you to see your doctor as soon as possible, or rush your ass to the nearest emergency room. let me tell you, TeleHealth has saved me many a gajillion-hour wait at a clinic or ER!

so i call TeleHealth to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough….it’s the dreaded Croup. luckily it’s not bad enough to warrant a hospital visit, but enough to be advised to monitor him while he’s sleeping at night, lots of humidification, steam baths, and honey to help the cough.

the honey didn’t go so well. we gave him a tiny bit, he gagged, and he threw up all over himself, Carlos (who was holding him at the time) and the kitchen floor. he was not a happy camper.

so i dutifully slept in his room. on my super comfortable PoƤng chair. with my legs up on a heaping-full laundry basket. oh, what a glorious sleep i had.

but seriously, Logan woke up in a coughing fit every 20 minutes for the first couple of hours. which was fine, because i hadn’t fallen asleep yet…i was too busy listening to his breathing. then came the coughing fit that changed it all. it was so bad that he gagged and choked and almost threw up. which sent him into hysterics. and that was the end of him sleeping in the crib.

for the rest of the night, i sat in the chair holding him up right, with his chest against mine. he slept. i didn’t. when morning finally came, Carlos came and got Logan, and i went to bed for a few hours to actually sleep.

today has been much of the same. luckily he’s in good spirits unless he’s coughing up a lung. unfortunately, this leads to him not understanding that he’s sick and should take it easy. so he runs around like a madman, which makes him breath really hard, which makes his cough worse.

tonight when the boys were in the bath, we decided to try the honey again. we figured that it might work better since Logan was all calm and humidified by the steam. wrong. once again, he coughed and threw up…in the bath. he thought it was funny, and decided to splash his hands in the pukey water, while Zander backed up as fast as i’ve ever seen him do anything, yelling “can you get me out!!!”.

so it will be another night sitting in the chair staring into the darkness listening to a wheezy, raspy little boy sleeping all the while getting another stiff neck sleeping in the chair. i’m so looking forward to it.

update: it took another 4 days for Logan to be over his nasty cough, and for me to get a somewhat decent night’s sleep. he’s fine now…up to his usual turdiness. we’re lucky that it was a fairly short case of croup…it could’ve been much worse.

i’m hoping to finally get back to blogging on a regular basis. it’s been tough to get back into it though….but that’s a whole other post!


there’s one thing i know
this comes from experience
when it rains it pours

we have no money
the move has drained our accounts
so over budget

of course this would be
perfect time for rain to pour
it’s raining shit here

seriously. the shit is pouring down, and i’m knee-high in it. there’s a law that goes along with Murphey’s. it’s called Cate’s Law. Cate’s Law deems that if something bad/wrong can happen, it will. but this bad will wait to happen until the worst possible time, and bring some of it’s bad friends along for the ride.

hubby was driving to his sister’s house on Tuesday night…which is 40 minutes across town….which is why we are moving to that end of the city. anyway, the car started acting funny on the way there, and completely died as he pulled into their driveway. like died. dead. gone. deader than a kipper on a cracker. no salvation.

so, his plans were ruined (he was going to go to his sister’s store Supperworks and prepare some meals…awesome place!), and the rest of his night was controlled by CAA (Canadian Auto Association), and the whims of the dude that they sent to help him. Three hours later, he was still waiting for mr. dude. to make a long story short, mr. dude finally got there, boosted the car, left, the car died again and hubby couldn’t start it, called mr. dude back, mr. dude said he’d be right back, mr. dude took his sweet-ass time getting there…like 40 minutes, even though he’d just left. when mr. dude finally got back, the car could not be revived. so while mr. dude towed the car to the Canadian Tire near our place, my wonderful sister-in-law drove hubby home….at 1am.

hubby not happy.

so on Wednesday, we were without a car. hubby worked from home, while i had to cancel a doctor’s appointment for that morning. an appointment that i’d already had to cancel in December because of a snow storm. an appointment that i’ve been waiting for. an appointment that was supposed to be all about how i’m doing on my latest anti-depressants, if they are working, how my ppd is, and also to check up on some blood work to find out if my thyroid has gone cuckoo and flown the coop. ya, now i have to wait again…until the middle of February. if i have cancel that one too, i’m going to lose it…my doc goes on maternity leave starting the end of February.

cate not happy.

on Wednesday afternoon, we get a call from Canadian Tire. it’s the alternator. it’s dead. it needs to be replace. for the very reasonable, low low price of $800.

cate and hubby not happy.

later on Wednesday afternoon, hubby went over to the living room window to see what Zander was looking at. hubby mumbles one of his favourite profanities. i go over. the windstorm that had been threatening to rip the windows out of the house had knocked down part of the fence between us and our neighbours. the fence was lying in our backyard. flat on the ground. this is the fence that we sold along with the house in July. which means we need to put even more cash into this damn house, even though it won’t be ours in 6 weeks.

cate and hubby really not happy.

did i mention the splitting migraine that started in my right eye on Wednesday night, and by yesterday morning was a big ball of head pain? hmmm…i wonder what brought that on.

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