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my mom came to Ottawa yesterday to pick me up.  she stayed the night, and today she travelled with me and the boys back to my parents’ house.  we got here  around 5pm.

we went in my car, and left hers there for hubby to use.  the plan is that the boys and i will stay here for the week, and hubby will come down next weekend for a visit, and leave together on Sunday.

so….i’m with my mommy and daddy, and i’m getting pampered, and i have extra help with the boys during the day.  all is good.  well, except one thing.

i’m going to have to apologize right now.   since the only computer in the house is in the room Zander sleeps in, my blog reading/writing time will be cut drastically.  i normally do all of that during the boys’ naptime, or after they are in bed.  ya, that’s not gonna happen here.

i’m so close to the end of NaBloPoMo, that i’m not gonna quit now.  i will post everyday.  but i’m afraid it will be difficult to read all of my favourite bloggies on a daily basis.  i will do my best to read as much as possible, but i will probably be pretty scared.

have no fear, my friends…if i don’t get to read your posts while i’m here, i will definitely be catching up on my reading when i get home next week!

well, i’m off to put the boys to bed…so i guess it’s log-off time.  that’s really gonna take a lot of getting used to! 


hubby and i went through the drive-thru at McRaunchy’s the other day to get a quick bite to eat (despite the fact that i’m halfway through reading Fast Food Nation…i disgust myself!)

Drive-Thru Lady: [with froggy voice that made you imagine she was a chain smoker] Can I take your order?

hubby: Yes, can I have a 10 piece McNugget meal?

D-TL: You want a Happy Meal?

hubby: No. I want a 10 piece McNugget meal.

D-TL: So that’s a 6 piece McNugget meal. Coke to drink with that?

hubby: Yes, I’ll have Coke with that. But it’s a 10 piece, not a 6 piece.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

hubby: Uh. Could I complete my order first?

D-TL: What else would you like?

hubby: A Big Mac meal with Coke to drink please.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

we get to the 2nd window. this woman appears to be 60-65 years old, and cranky as the day is long.

D-TL: $XX.XX please.

hubby hands over the cash. we get the bag, and are still waiting on the drinks.

hubby: Check what’s in the bag…just in case.

me: [after rummaging through the bag] Uh. We only got a 6 piece nuggets.

hubby: [sighing with frustration] We got a 6 piece when we ordered a 10 piece.

D-TL: I’m sorry sir. I didn’t once here you say 10 piece!

WHAT???????? This lady must have been on crack!

hubby: I ordered a 10 piece. I said it more than once when I was ordering. Can I please have my 10 piece please?

D-TL: [talking to someone else in the restaurant] This guy says he ordered a 10 piece!

we did end up getting our 10 piece, but that was just ridiculous! maybe Miss Drive-Thru Lady should get a job where she doesn’t have to deal with the public, orders of any kind…numbers!

i thought the loot i got for hubby was pretty stellar this year…little did i know i would be out-done by my 2.5 year old just hours after the gift-giving.

the boys were bathed and pajama’d…as usual we put Logan in bed first,  but not before getting goodnight kisses from momy, daddy and big brother.  then we took Zander into his room to put him to bed….

me: “can mommy get hugs and kisses?”

Zander: “yup!” [Zander gives me a super tight smile-inducing hug] “wuv you!”

hubby and i looked at each other….unsolicited, Zander has never said i love you.  we usually have to ask him “can you say i love you?”.

then it was daddy’s turn for hugs.

me: “can you say happy birthday to daddy?”

Zander: “ha’a birfday!”

hubby: “thank you” [hubby squeezes Zander tight] “i love you so much”

Zander: “wuv you too!”


okay….so today is hubby’s birthday…i told him i was writing my haiku about our TiVo (which i did!), but what i didn’t tell him is that he’s getting a haiku of his own…ya…i’m sneaky like that!

my dear sweet Carlos
today it is your birthday
thirty-five years past

it has been 9 years
celebrating our birthdays
together you and i

words cannot describe
the sweetest thing in my life
you and our two boys

world’s greatest husband
a father extraordinaire
truly my best friend

surprise my darling
did you think i would not post?
but it’s your Birthday!

love ya babe…Happy Birthday!


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