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this weeks seems to have been working against me.  it’s been one thing after another.  and it continued today.

i gave the boys a bath this morning….by myself.  i’ve never done that before, and for good reason.  they are a handful.  i figured i would wash them both and get Logan out first, leaving Zander in the tub to play.  don’t worry…i wasn’t going to leave Zander there by himself!  i thought i would get Logan dried, moisturized and dressed in front of the tub, let him loose and then do the same for Zander.  unfortunately Zander had other plans.

he wanted to get out of the tub first, so i had to leave Logan in the tub to play.  he kept standing up and slipping, he tried to drink my mother’s shampoo, he tried to empty her body wash into the tub….you know….Logan stuff.  it was almost impossible to keep him out of trouble while getting Zander dressed.

by the end of it, i had a splitting headache…i still have a splitting headache. needless to say, i was overjoyed when Carlos finally got here.  i could have cried.  but my headache kept me from enjoying the rest of the day.

my cousin Crystal, who is like my sister, showed up for the Christmas cookie baking.  i tried to have fun, but i was in too much pain.  and the kids started getting in each others faces with the i-don’t-know-how-to-share, and that’s-my-toy and what-have-you, and the screaming was killing me.  i eventually had to go lie down in the guest room with the lights out.  i missed out on a lot.

my headache is still here…the party is over, and i’m sad i missed out on visiting with my cousin.  it’s like this week was doomed right from the start….


Flying High

Posted on: July 6, 2007

That’s right….it’s after midnight, and I’m flying high….not because the Zander situation has suddenly and miraculously righted itself, although we have made progress.

He didn’t have anything but a couple of spoonfuls of pureed fruit and some formula for lunch, but dinner was better. We put nothing pureed in front of him…just whole cooked veggies. There were green beans, peas & carrots, corn, and some steak. We put butter on all of the veggies since he really likes butter on his toast and likes salty things. And if it helps him gain a little weight, all the better. He played in it. He touched his food. He touched his food! This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for someone like Zander it’s huge. His hands were greasy with melted butter, and he licked some of it off. He’s never done this before. By the end of dinner he had eaten 3 pieces of green beans, part of a kernel of corn and fed himself a yogurt cup. Major progress!

But that’s not why I’m flying. I’m flying because…well…I believe I’m high. You see, I am currently painting the nasty-ass 80’s tile back splash in the kitchen. And of course since it’s ceramic tile, it has to be primed before it is painted. Primed with something that will stick to a non-porous surface such as ceramic tile.

I’m using Zinsser B.I.N primer. It sticks to anything. Even glass. And I’m pretty sure it’s laced with some sort of airborne LSD or PCP. I’m high as a kite. Perhaps the area I am working in is not ventilated well enough….maybe because my kitchen is so friggin’ small and closed in!?!

Anyway, I’m starting to come down now…guess the ride is over. Too bad…I was starting to enjoy it….;-)

*** Stay tuned for before and after pics of my kitchen facelift. ***

Throw a Psychologist and a Consulting Pediatrician into the mix, and that’s about right. These are the people helping us with Zander’s eating problem, which is now being referred to (by the aforementioned medical professionals) as an eating disorder. Wow…amazing how an 8-letter word can be so fucking scary.

Zander is now 26 months old…and the only fruits and veggies he eats are pureed to a smooth nothingness. He gags at the slightest bit of texture. He’s scared to touch his food. He won’t eat crackers unless they’re wee little goldfish crackers (and he seems to have an interesting relationship with them). He won’t eat cookies. He won’t eat normal cereals, only infant pasty-nasty infant cereal. This kid is scared of ice cream… cream!

He will eat small bits of pizza (pizza night is always happy and relaxing). He will eat some little bites of chicken if he’s in a good mood. We can even get him to eat fish…if he’s in a fishy kinda mood. Toast is a staple. French fries…bring ’em. Mind you, this progress was made over months and months of trying, trying and trying again….making sure we eat altogether at the table…letting him feed us…cleaning up his puke….so much puke….entirely too much puke…and being as patient as humanly possible. And all while dealing with a preemie with GERD. Overwhelming? You betcha!

Our physician referred us to a Consulting Pediatrician, who referred us to an Occupational Therapist at the Children’s Hospital in Ottawa. The OT had us come in for a series of “information sessions” for parents of infants and toddlers with eating disorders. We attended the second session today.

Last weeks’ session was an introduction of sorts. Today’s session included a Speech Language Pathologist…’cause it’s all linked ya know. Eating/chewing and speech use the same muscles in the mouth and tongue. If you aren’t eating and strengthening those muscles, in all likelihood your speech development will be delayed. Great…

After the SLP had spoken to the group of parents (there are parents of 6 children in the group), we spoke with her privately about Zander’s speech. You see….I had been worried about it. He said his first few words around 10 months….and then nothing. No new words. For months. Then he suddenly picked up where he left off, and his vocabulary began to grow. Slowly. But at around 22 months he gained mega-momentum….we’re talking Mach 10 here. There were weeks where he would average 2 to 5 new words a day! He was word-crazy, and we were basking in his new found communication and conversational skills. But there was just one problem….

He only said/says the first syllable of multi-syllabic words. For instance, carpet is “car”, pirate is “pi” or “pa”, brother is “bruh”, diaper is “di”…you get my drift. He has started to say complete words such as “bubble” and “daddy”….but that took a loooong time.

According to the SLP, this is not a normal pattern of speech development. Most toddlers will repeat a sound (“baba” for bottle), not just chop the end syllable(s) off of the word. She did indicate that he sounded like he was progressing from that stage and starting to catch up to his peers, but she has asked us to get our names on the waiting list for Speech Therapy. Goodie….

Oh…and there’s one more thing. During the SLP’s talk we learned that most toddlers’ first words start with with “b”, “p” or “m” and that the hard “c” sound or k sound is not usually developed until well after a year of age…yet Zander’s first words were “cup”, “cat” and “car”. During our one-on-one with the SLP, she speculated that Zander may have suffered from reflux like his younger brother. Oh God….all those nights during his first 8 months when he screamed and screamed…and we, being first-time parents, thought it was teething….he may have been in pain from reflux…if we just had’ve known….he could have been on medication to spare him the pain….

Great….some more guilt for my big ol’ mommy-guilt pile.

Before we left, we were instructed to stop spoon feeding Zander any of his pureed foods….if he doesn’t feed himself, he doesn’t eat. We are also not supposed to push him…if he doesn’t want to eat, he just won’t eat. And if he won’t eat or throws up from gagging, we are supposed to act like it doesn’t bother us and remain calm. And if he doesn’t eat anything for dinner, we are supposed to send him to bed hungry because he has to be taught to understand and recognize his hunger. Wow…purposely starving your toddler….isn’t that every mom’s dream? (note my biting sarcasm…)

This is normally the part where I try to find the silver lining…the “it could be worse” spiel…and it could be worse. We have met the parents of a 2-year old little boy at our information sessions…he’s never had solid food, he gags when he sees his parents eat, he gags when they are grocery shopping, he gags when he smells food….he’s only on formula…and he has yet to say a word. So I know it could be worse…much worse.

But that doesn’t help me tonight. Because tonight my beautiful 26-month old little boy ate a couple of pieces of macaroni and drank some toddler formula for dinner….that’s all…nothing more. And I had to act like it didn’t bother me, which it did. I had to remain calm…and I am so not calm.

There will be a Registered Dietitian at next weeks’ session…and I’m scared. Seriously…I used to think I was a strong woman, but I’m not sure how much more I can take….

I have been away from the Blogosphere for a bit. Actually, I pretty much dropped of the bloggy scene all together. In order to get everyone caught up, here is a list of what has transpired during my absence:

My wonderful husband gave me 7 days of birthday….gifts every day for a week. Talk about earning points!

Logan popped out a tooth on top, and has three more coming through at the same time. They will probably all be out within a week…poor little guy!

Zander got a haircut…his second one…

My mother came by train to stay with us again to watch the kids so that we could actually get some work done on the house.

Logan got the mother of all fat lips (his first one…what a milestone…) when he tried to climb over a jumbo pack of paper towels…instead of making it safely over the plastic-wrapped pack of 6 jumbo rolls of paper towels, he slammed his face into the wood floor…not good…

This is how his lip looked right after it happened.
The next day, it looked like he’d had collagen injections overnight, and was wearing lipstick!

The following day Zander decided he wanted a fat lip like his little brother, so he got himself one to match. Fortunately Zander heals much quicker than Logan, ’cause it was a doozy!

We went to a parent group (the first of 5 sessions) at CHEO, the local children’s hospital, for Zander’s eating “disorder”…scary, but nice to know we aren’t the only ones with a 2 year old who is still on formula and pureed fruits and vegetables…more on that later…

Logan stood without holding onto anything for support for the first time.

My dad came to visit and to pick up my mom.

Zander counted from 1 to 10 for the first time. He counted the bolts that came out of a spare bed that Carlos and my dad took apart.

Logan climbed the stairs all the way to the second floor for the first time…he kept looking back at us with a big grin as if to say “Look mom…I’m doing it!”…too cute!

My mom and dad went home with a shit-load of stuff that we purged and gave to them and/or my brother and his wife….our house seems a little less cluttered now.

My in-laws came over to help us with the jungle backyard…looks fantastic!

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on July 1st, which is Canada Day! (Happy anniversary mom and dad!) When I was little, my dad used to tell my brother and I that the fireworks were for their anniversary. And we were so convinced! Man, was I embarrassed when one of my little friends told me the truth…I was teased relentlessly…thanks a lot, dad…ya big joker!

Logan was finally moved from our bedroom to his very own bedroom….and he sleeps better in there than he ever did in our room (except when he slept in bed with us). Woohoo! Mommy and daddy have their room back!

I think that’s it. If I think of anything else, I’ll let ya know!

It’s good to be back! Now that I’ve caught up on my own blog…I have to catch up on your blogs…hopefully it will only take a couple of weeks to catch up! 😉

I Rock!

Posted on: June 24, 2007

So says Jenny from Absolutely Bananas. And you know what…I so do! Jenny’s obviously a great judge of character!

Now it is my turn to pass this award on to other deserving Rockin’ Girl Bloggers. Since I read so many girl bloggers who rock, I am going to list all the Rockin’ Girl Bloggers I read whether they have or have not already received this most prestigious of awards…’cause even if they’ve already received the award, they at least deserve another mention! (please pick up your bloggity bling at the bottom of this post…)

Here goes!

Absolutely Bananas. Obviously this girl rocks ’cause she recognized that I rock! I love reading her blog…man, she gets me laughing! And this girl’s got mad Photoshop skillz!

Families are like fudge… This mom, who has the same name as one of my fave aunts, is honest and funny….and has a small addiction to baby carriers! 😉

In the Trenches of Mommyhood… I love reading about her and her boys. She’s a real mom!

Pass The Chocolate. I love Shauna and her blog. Her SIL stories are a hoot, and she’s one of the friendliest bloggers I know!

Plain Jane Mom I love this girl! I don’t know where she gets the time to do all of her GRITs, but I love them! I don’t comment as much as I would like…I don’t have time after reading it all!

Playgroups Are No Place for Children I can’t say enough about this girl. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s honest…she rocks!

Suburban Oblivion Sara’s blog is one of the first I started reading on a daily basis, and I loved it from the start. She’s funny, brutally honest and pulls no punches. And funny doesn’t begin to describe her! This girl’s got “balls”!

Temporary? Insanity
I just started to read this blog recently, but I feel like I’ve known her forever. Really cool mom!

The Queen of Shake-Shake Yet another brutally honest blogger…this girl lets it all hang out. Fantastic! The Queen is a strong woman, a real mom, and makes me laugh till I pee! I love this blog!

Tumble Dry One of the most eloquent writers I know. I love her stories. And her girls….man, they’re gorgeous! Smart and funny. I’ve loved her blog for a long time. In fact, she’s the second blog I started to read on a daily basis.

‘Twas Brillig A recent find, but one of the best. I love this blog. Her story-telling skillz rock!

Untangling Knots Karla…what can I say. She’s the first blogger I ever followed daily…well before I started blogging myself. She is one of the strongest people I know. This girl is funny! She’s an amazing person and, though I’ve never met her in person, I definitely think of her as a friend.

Velveteen Mind I haven’t been reading Megan’s blog for long, but I was hooked instantly!

And now for the bling. You can choose from the original Rockin’ Girl Blogger bling

or you can drop the “Girl”, and get some Rockin’ Blogger bling thanks to Oh, The Joys (she has a couple more than the ones here)

In the words of Jenny of Absolutely Bananas fame, DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!

My mother wanted to print my tribute to my dad on our birthday so that he could read it. Such a simple request. But would Blogger oblige? Of course not. It prints the first page fine, but the next few pages are nothing but my avatar. WTF?

So I imported the post to my WordPress trial blog and guess what. It prints fine from there.

It seems my exodus from Blogger will be sooner than planned. Stay tuned…

DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!
DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!
DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!

Feel free to chant with me….

Make that three pees….three pees in a potty.

After rethinking our potty choice (upon closer inspection, the potty bench had some “features” that weren’t suitable for our boys), we decided upon this plain ol’ potty which was the one I had originally wanted anyway.

Introducing the BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair

It’s a great little potty chair. Colourful for the kids, lightweight, nothing to distract the boys from the task at hand….and best of all, it’s sooo easy to clean.

Yesterday was the first day we tried Zander on the potty. At first he was a little uncomfortable. Imagine sitting on what is basically a hole for the first time. Now imagine Zander squirming from side to side, backwards and forwards, trying to get his bum on “solid ground”. It was all I could do to not laugh out loud!

Once he got in a comfy position, I distracted him by turning the TV on, reading a couple of books to him, and talking to him about the potty. And suddenly he looked down and said “pee”. Never has “pee” sounded so sweet!

The best part for him was helping mommy flush the pee down the toilet…that was a big moment. After washing his hands and returning to the toy-filled wonderland living room, he saw the potty and said “a pee i’ poddy”. So proud, he was.

So the first potty day yielded three pees…three pees in a potty. Not too bad. Hopefully his interest in going on the big-boy potty will not wane.

Who am I kidding…of course it will….