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been gone

Posted on: April 5, 2010

i haven’t posted to this blog since June of 2008.  just 3 months after moving into our new home.  why? i have some theories, but nothing concrete.

maybe it was because the layout of the new house allowed me to get much more done during the day while still being able to watch over the boys…which in turn ate up my blogging time.

or maybe i just never got back in the habit of blogging after taking time off to unpack and  put my new house together.

and then there’s the fact that i can be a lazy about things…..could be that.

it could be the sole fault of the quickly diminishing life of my laptop battery.

i’ve been dealing with a bunch of shit without wanting to talk about it….so i guess that doesn’t leave much to write about at times.

perhaps it was a combination of some or all of the above.  we may never know.

but what i do know is, as i became less involved in the blogging world, i became more involved in other things.  some good, some great….some a complete waste of time and energy.  i found some great friends and support here, and i regret that i let it/them slip away for seemingly no reason at all.

there is so much to get off my shoulders from the past couple of years.  not sure where i will start, but i am sure that i will be writing again.


the absolutely wonderifically wicked-awesome JJ! from Dirty Laundry gave me some love yesterday.

The Spreader of Love Award

she said some amazing things about me that had my head inflating like a balloon me blushing for hours!

so now, i will pass this one on. this is the tough part. first of all, if i could, i would give it right back to JJ ’cause she rocks. secondly, all of my bloggies deserve this award! JJ gave this to three people, but i am going to pick five….’cause i’m a rule breaker. ya…i’m cool like that.

Natalie is such a funny, warm, strong and amazing woman. she (as well as her blog) is open, honest and real. love ya, Nat!

Wineymomma is amazing.  she was reading my blog and leaving such supportive comments even before she had a blog of her own.  now she has a blog, and i regret that i only have time to skim through my blog reads right now so i don’t leave many comments.  i’m hoping that after the move, i will be able to be as good a blog-friend to her as she has been to me.

Janet rocks. i love her! i “met” her a few months ago, and it’s like we’ve been friends forever! she always makes me laugh, and is there with heartfelt words and emails when i’m down.

Jennifer is one of the first bloggers that i “met”, and she’s still one of my faves. she’s hysterically funny, and so friendly. she’s been there for me when i needed advice concerning my boys, and when i needed cheering up. we have so much in common, she’s a real mom, and she totally rocks!

and last but not least, there’s Kimberly. when i first “met” her, i knew she was someone i would be friends with IRL. she’s warm, funny, kind, generous. she’s always there for me no matter what. i hope one day we will be able to have that playdate…girl, you constantly make me wish we lived in the same part of the country!

***on a more serious note, Whymommy is having her surgery today. if you haven’t been to her blog, you should go. she is such an amazingly strong woman, and an inspiration. please send your thoughts and words of support her way…Whymommy and her family could use them now.

you may have noticed i haven’t been posting much for the past couple of months. allow me to explain.

when i first started blogging, it was kinda sporadic. but then i really got into it, and developed a flow…a groove, if you will. this groove made it easy for me to write my blog on a regular basis. and it was good.

then i lost my groove, and everything went to shit. allow me to elaborate.

first, there was NaBloPoMo. wow…that was tougher than i’d expected. i wrote whenever i had time about whatever…it was mostly drivel. and most of the bloggers in my reader were a part of NaBloPoMo too, so i was drowning in unread posts. i just couldn’t keep up. i had promised myself i would take a break at the start of December, and it’s been tough to get back into it since.

then there is my laptop battery. my iBook G4 is one of my best friends….but the battery? not so much. i usually write my blog posts a bit at a time during the day…whenever i have a spare 10 seconds, but this is becoming impossible. the battery has been not-so-slowly losing charge capacity, until the point where i turn it on and have about 10 minutes at most to get done what i need to do before it dies. some of you are probably thinking “so just use the power adapter”, and that would be the easiest thing to do. unfortunately, i have two toddler boys. i won’t mention any names, but one of them Zander likes to yank and fiddle with and accidentally unplug the cord make sure that all cords are untangled, plugged in tight, not twisted, plugged in tight, lying straight, plugged in tight, and all buttons are pressed….repeatedly, and the other Logan has a strange vendetta against all cords and computer/electronic equipment, and does his best to destroy them all. now, if my laptop is running on the battery, it’s fairly easy to keep it out of harm’s way. if i’m sitting on the couch with it, i can lift it up or run off with it (oooh…that sounds so mature, no?), or i can use it at the kitchen counter or where ever. but if i need to use the adapter, i am chained to one corner of the couch without much cord length, and no chance for any speedy get-aways (we don’t have a computer desk on the main floor of our house…that would just be asking for trouble!). needless to say, this pretty much means no computer time for mommy when the boys are awake. and when the boys are napping, mommy is cleaning up…and sometimes napping.

then there were the holidays. i think everyone agrees they put a festive halt to daily posts for most of us. we were all too busy with parties and get-togethers, vacations, recovering relaxing after the holidays….hubby had a week and a half off work, so we’ve been enjoying the time together, and he’s been loving the extra time playing with the boys.

and then, there’s iPhoto. i’ve been using iPhoto to crop and resize photos for my blog, and i love it. hubby upgraded to iPhoto 8, and it was good. so many new features. but i can’t get the damn thing to resize! i looked online and found a tutorial with screen captures, and it’s like part of the menu is missing on our install….wtf? there have been so many posts i’ve had brewing in my head that need photo accompaniment…and i can’t publish them until i can resize the stupid fracking pictures!

all these things have been messing with my flow….my blog-writing groove. i’ve recovered from NaBloPoMo and the holidays are over, so there’s two down. only two to go!

i will try harder to get posting more often again. until then, please refer to the above post for my excuses.

today is my Blogaversary. i’m in shock. seriously…has it been a year?

on January 1st, 2007 i wrote my first post at a blog i had set up with Blogger called “A Beautiful Life”. in this post i laid out my plans for this blog. oh, so much has happened since then…including a location and name change.

i figured blogging would be a good way to keep a type of “journal” of the boys’ lives as they grew up, and it has definitely been good for that. think of all the wonderfully funny and embarrassing anecdotes i will be able to share with them when they are older and they bring a girlfriend home to meet mom! (ya…i’ll consider that payback for all the temper tantrums and poopy diaper changes)

i was hoping to use this blog to be able to get out all of my feelings, good and bad. little did i know that this blog would allow me to express myself so freely, so honestly that it would be a catharsis i had never before experienced.

but what i really wasn’t expecting were the amazing friendships that i have found. no matter what i do here, what i say/write, how often or rarely i post, no matter what, it’s okay. we are truly all friends here. it sounds cheese-tastic, but it’s true.

i have made friends that share the preemie/GERD experience, the PPD experience, the Alopecia experience. i’ve made friends that share my wacky sense of humour. i’ve made friends that just get me. friends that support me. friends that give me a kick in the ass when i need it, and that make me laugh when i’m down.

so to all of my cyber-friends, thank you so much. i had no idea that blogging, and the people i met while doing it, would become such an important part of my life. you all rock, and i love you for it.

here’s to another year of tales from the monkey house!

Sara from Suburban Oblivion turned me on to Cre8buzz in the summer, and the minute i signed up, i was hooked.  what a great, fun, friendly community!  it’s all about getting more exposure, more readers, meeting new friends…and i’ve had so much fun there since joining.

many of my readers are cre8buzz members…if you aren’t, what are you waiting for?  if you want to join in the fun, let me know and i will send you an invitation!

getting to the point now…cre8buzz has been nominated at mashable for an Open Web Award.  so please, head on over there and vote…scroll down to the “Niche or Miscellaneous Social Network” and vote for cre8buzz!  i’ll owe ya one!

and remember, if you want me to send you an invitation to join, let me know!

this post is basically a warning.  you may notice over the next few days that there are weird things going on here.  basically, monkeys and marbles is probably going to be a little wonky.

i’m going hosted, people.  finally.  but the transition may be a bit rocky because i already owned my domain, and i’m in the middle of transferring it to my new host.  which means that i can’t do much tweaking and configuring of my new blog until all the DNS servers are propogated with the new IPs for my host.

anyway, i’m going to do my best to make this happen as quickly as possible.  in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled.  i will be posting when it’s all done, and asking you to update your blogrolls, feeds, readers, etc., with new info.

i know…i’m so high-maintenance. but i’m worth it….right?  <wink> <wink>

Haiku Friday

we used to be friends
you held my hand at the start
so new to blogging

then it all started
losts posts, wouldn’t save my words
we drifted apart

then i found WordPress
sad was i when i did move
still friends though…right?

so what now, Blogger?
why hast thou forsaken me?
i don’t understand

can’t leave a comment
without a Blogger blog…huh?
dude, what’s up with that?

seriously…what’s going on? i can’t leave a comment that links back to my place if i don’t use Blogger???? with all the other problems going on, are they looking for a mass exodus? i know some people haven’t had problems with Blogger, and i hope they never will. but the problems i have seen…Blogger ate the post announcing the birth of my first nephew! what. the. fuck?

so now i’m happy at WordPress…even looking for a webhost…but now i can’t leave a comment that links back to my blog so people know who i am.

not impressed Blogger….not impressed.