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a couple of weeks ago, i was sitting down to lunch with the boys. i had worked up a sweat changing diapers, washing bottles/sippy cups, getting lunch ready and rounding up the boys. feeling like i was about to burst into flames, i unzipped my hoody and took it off, leaving me sitting there in my comfy pants and sports bra. paints a sexy picture, don’t it?

Zander: [looking at me in confusion] mommy take a sweater off!

me: yup…i took my sweater off because i’m hot.

Zander: ya! mommy hot! mommy so hot!

why thank you dear boy..i’m blushing!

he continued to say it all day, and still says it if i take a sweater of cardigan off. a great boost to my waning ego.

of course, later that day i told him he was stinky and he said “no, mommy stinky!”.

anyway…i’ve been meaning to post about it, but stuff kept coming up, and it left my mind. until today, when i got a reminder.

after getting the boys to bed for their nap, i was a little toasty, so i took my sweater off, again leaving me in my sports bra (i’m not trying to give you nightmares…really!). as i was walking through my living room, i glanced out the window to a familiar site. there was a man doing work on the roof of the school behind our house, and he was looking in at me. by the look on his face, i couldn’t tell whether he thought i was totally hot, or the complete opposite. i really don’t think i want to know the answer to that one.

you’d think i would have learned my lesson last time.

note to self (again!): close curtains!


i thought the loot i got for hubby was pretty stellar this year…little did i know i would be out-done by my 2.5 year old just hours after the gift-giving.

the boys were bathed and pajama’d…as usual we put Logan in bed first,  but not before getting goodnight kisses from momy, daddy and big brother.  then we took Zander into his room to put him to bed….

me: “can mommy get hugs and kisses?”

Zander: “yup!” [Zander gives me a super tight smile-inducing hug] “wuv you!”

hubby and i looked at each other….unsolicited, Zander has never said i love you.  we usually have to ask him “can you say i love you?”.

then it was daddy’s turn for hugs.

me: “can you say happy birthday to daddy?”

Zander: “ha’a birfday!”

hubby: “thank you” [hubby squeezes Zander tight] “i love you so much”

Zander: “wuv you too!”


Zander’s latest ism is to ask “what dat noise?” everytime he hears the tiniest of sounds….when the dishwasher comes on….when Logan coughs….when the floor creaks….when the tires of our car drive through water….when my joints make those nasty cracking sounds….everytime there is a sound of any kind, he asks this same question.  over and over.  all. day. long.

don’t get me wrong.  though it can be irritating at times, it is yet another one of those Zanderisms that makes him the funny little boy i love so much.

the other night we were getting the boys out of the bath and ready for bed.  i had taken Logan into his room to get him moisturized and in his pajamas.  Carlos was still drying Zander off in the bathroom…i could hear them chatting in there.  all of a sudden i heard a familiar sound.

Zander: [inquiring rather loudly] what dat noise?!?

Carlos: [through tearful laughter] daddy tooted.

Zander: yup!
comic relief is always welcome here in the monkey house.

since we wanted a quick dinner tonight…a dinner that Zander might actually eat some of (since he has to fast for his upper GI in the morning…dinner is his last meal until lunch tomorrow), we decided to pile the monkeys into the car and go get pizza.

to give you a peek into the World of Zander, here’s a little taste of the lively conversation enjoyed on the way to Little Caesar’s.

Zander: go i’ car! drive fast!

me: yup…we’re going to go in the car and drive fast. we’re going to go get pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup…we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] where va’s house? go a va’s house!

me: no, we’re not going to vavó’s house (translation: vavó is Portuguese for grandma, pronounced va’vaw). we’re going to get pizza.
Zander: ge’ peet-za! hot peet-za!

hubby: ya, we’re going to get some hot pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] bwo a peet-za!

me: you’re going to blow on the pizza? ’cause it’s hot?

Zander: ya! [pauses] no ew!

hubby:, no, pizza isn’t ewy…it’s yummy.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a sea’belt!

hubby: ya, you’re wearing your seatbelt.

Zander: ya! [pauses] i’ ba’ sea’!

me: ya, you’re sitting in the back seat.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a ba’ sea’ boogie!

me: you want me to sing the backseat boogie?

Zander: ya…ya…YA!

me: okay….”doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie! doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie!”

Zander: [smiling and laughing] ya! [long pause] i ha’ idee-ya!

hubby: you have an idea?

Zander: ya ya!

me: what’s your idea?

Zander: [looks at me silently]

me: Zander, what is your idea?

Zander: no! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup..we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

that was the first 2 minutes of the car trip…i would continue recounting this conversation, but there’s a good chance my head might explode…

Hubby made dinner last night. We had our first corn-on-the-cob of the season. It was delicious. Of course, it wouldn’t be dinnertime in our house without shenanigans and goings-on!

hubby: (as I’m about to take my first bite from the cob) I hope it’s completely cooked…I boiled them for 5 minutes.

me: 5 minutes should do it. (I take a bite, pretending it’s still raw)

hubby: (looking slightly deflated) I guess 5 minutes isn’t enough….?

me: Just kidding! Ha! (I take a bite of corn with a wink and a mischievous grin) Mmmm…delicious and cooked to perfection!

hubby: I can’t believe you just did that! I totally couldn’t tell that you were pretending!

me: (saying with just a pinch of cockiness) I am an actress!

Zander: (turning towards me, a look of amazement and adoration on his face) Oh, WOW!

I’m so glad that I still manage to impress my 2 year-old son. Hopefully that will last…