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*** just fyi…i started writing this post on April 6th. Logan is all better now…but that fact that i’m just finishing this and posting it now just shows you how frick-frackin’ tired i am!

we brought more home from my parents’ place than chocolate bunnies after spending the Easter weekend there. all of us came home with a crappy cold. unfortunately, Logan’s has gone ahead and progressed into Croup.

i’m not sure how he got Croup. all i know is that my nephew was just getting over a cold, my niece was just starting a cold, and my cousin’s 3 daughters all had some kind of cold when we saw them for Easter.

Logan kept grabbing my nephew Oliver’s pacifier and shoving it in his mouth, which can’t have been good. my niece Georgina was snotting all over him. and my cousin’s daughters, the oldest being 6 years old, have never been told not sneeze or cough all over other people, other people’s food, or to simply cover their mouths.

so Zander, Carlos and i are getting over our stuffy noses….and Logan has Croup.

i’ve never dealt with Croup before, but i recognized the telltale barking-seal signs when Logan coughed. here in Ontario, we have a service called TeleHealth. great service. it’s a call center manned by nurses. you speak to a nurse, tell them what’s going on with you or your loved one, and they can give you recommendations to treat the illness/injury at home, advise you to see your doctor as soon as possible, or rush your ass to the nearest emergency room. let me tell you, TeleHealth has saved me many a gajillion-hour wait at a clinic or ER!

so i call TeleHealth to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough….it’s the dreaded Croup. luckily it’s not bad enough to warrant a hospital visit, but enough to be advised to monitor him while he’s sleeping at night, lots of humidification, steam baths, and honey to help the cough.

the honey didn’t go so well. we gave him a tiny bit, he gagged, and he threw up all over himself, Carlos (who was holding him at the time) and the kitchen floor. he was not a happy camper.

so i dutifully slept in his room. on my super comfortable Poäng chair. with my legs up on a heaping-full laundry basket. oh, what a glorious sleep i had.

but seriously, Logan woke up in a coughing fit every 20 minutes for the first couple of hours. which was fine, because i hadn’t fallen asleep yet…i was too busy listening to his breathing. then came the coughing fit that changed it all. it was so bad that he gagged and choked and almost threw up. which sent him into hysterics. and that was the end of him sleeping in the crib.

for the rest of the night, i sat in the chair holding him up right, with his chest against mine. he slept. i didn’t. when morning finally came, Carlos came and got Logan, and i went to bed for a few hours to actually sleep.

today has been much of the same. luckily he’s in good spirits unless he’s coughing up a lung. unfortunately, this leads to him not understanding that he’s sick and should take it easy. so he runs around like a madman, which makes him breath really hard, which makes his cough worse.

tonight when the boys were in the bath, we decided to try the honey again. we figured that it might work better since Logan was all calm and humidified by the steam. wrong. once again, he coughed and threw up…in the bath. he thought it was funny, and decided to splash his hands in the pukey water, while Zander backed up as fast as i’ve ever seen him do anything, yelling “can you get me out!!!”.

so it will be another night sitting in the chair staring into the darkness listening to a wheezy, raspy little boy sleeping all the while getting another stiff neck sleeping in the chair. i’m so looking forward to it.

update: it took another 4 days for Logan to be over his nasty cough, and for me to get a somewhat decent night’s sleep. he’s fine now…up to his usual turdiness. we’re lucky that it was a fairly short case of croup…it could’ve been much worse.

i’m hoping to finally get back to blogging on a regular basis. it’s been tough to get back into it though….but that’s a whole other post!


i am so tired
got back into town today
from my parents’ house

Christmas was busy
oh so much fun had by all
but i am tired

ate so much good food
i’m sure i gained 20 pounds
too good to say no

saw the family
so many get-togethers
i’m now comatose

tons and tons of gifts
we could open a daycare
with the boys’ new toys

though i’d love to stay
did i mention i’m tired?
i’m glad to be home!

i hope all of you
had a safe and wonderful
holiday season!

as much as i love to visiting family, being home is just so very nice.

don’t get me wrong…i’m glad that my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and my niece and nephew got a chance to see me and the boys, and we got to see them.  it just wasn’t the relaxing week i’d hoped for.

taking care of the boys can be very challenging.  taking care of them somewhere other than home?  now that’s just a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.

last week was so stressful.  i didn’t have my hubby for backup.  i was completely unorganized.  i didn’t have my usual food stuffs on hand, other than the formula and some jarred food i brought with me.  the house is not what i would call childproof…sure they’ve got gates, but there are electrical cords lying around, the TV is on a wobbly little table,  there are breakables everywhere.  not to mention a huge glass coffee table.

so i spent the week forgetting to give the boys their medications on time, dealing with super-stressful mealtimes since we didn’t have enough of their favourite foods to last the week and the inclement weather made it impossible for us to go to town until Friday, telling Logan not to climb up on the glass table, pulling Logan off the glass table, pulling electrical wires out of Logan’s mouth….you get the picture.

oh, and then there was Georgina….my beautiful almost-2-year-old niece.  she’s a sweetheart, but since she goes to my cousin’s for daycare she has learned from my cousin’s daughter to play extremely rough.  and neither of the boys enjoyed that.  so i was constantly pulling her off of them, releasing her iron-grip from their clothes and separating them.

and then there’s that whole i-don’t-know-how-to-share toddler stage that they are all in.  so there was grabbing and pulling and screaming and tantrums.

my mom was trying to help with the boys as much as she could, but she was also preparing fantastic meals everyday, getting ready for visitors coming to see me and the boys, cleaning up after the Dynamic Destruction Duo….that’d be Zander and Logan. and my sister-in-law, Chris-Anne was busy taking care of my 4.5 month old nephew Oliver, so Georgina ended up being an added responsibility for me whenever they came over…which was every day.

did i mention that my asthma flared up so bad while i was there that i slept at most 3.5 hours a night.  most nights i ended up having to go to the living room and read until my coughing fits subsided.  Logan’s crib is in the guest room i was sleeping in, and i really didn’t want to deal with him waking up on top of my wheezing and coughing.  my chest hurt so bad i felt like i’d been chain smoking in my sleep.

and now i’m home.  i know where everything is.  i was actually able to stick to the boys’ normal schedule/routine today.  they got there medications on time.  so did i.  they ate well.  they played with very little conflict.  i didn’t have a breakdown.  all is good.

and i know that it will get easier as the kids get older.  i’m just glad that hubby will be coming with me to visit my family at Christmas time!

my mom came to Ottawa yesterday to pick me up.  she stayed the night, and today she travelled with me and the boys back to my parents’ house.  we got here  around 5pm.

we went in my car, and left hers there for hubby to use.  the plan is that the boys and i will stay here for the week, and hubby will come down next weekend for a visit, and leave together on Sunday.

so….i’m with my mommy and daddy, and i’m getting pampered, and i have extra help with the boys during the day.  all is good.  well, except one thing.

i’m going to have to apologize right now.   since the only computer in the house is in the room Zander sleeps in, my blog reading/writing time will be cut drastically.  i normally do all of that during the boys’ naptime, or after they are in bed.  ya, that’s not gonna happen here.

i’m so close to the end of NaBloPoMo, that i’m not gonna quit now.  i will post everyday.  but i’m afraid it will be difficult to read all of my favourite bloggies on a daily basis.  i will do my best to read as much as possible, but i will probably be pretty scared.

have no fear, my friends…if i don’t get to read your posts while i’m here, i will definitely be catching up on my reading when i get home next week!

well, i’m off to put the boys to bed…so i guess it’s log-off time.  that’s really gonna take a lot of getting used to! 

i haven’t been around Blogville lately…short posts, a rare few comments on my favourite blogs…i’ve been pretty elusive.  and for good reason.

my mom is leaving tomorrow morning.  so i hope you will excuse my absence, sparse comments and teeny-tiny posts, ’cause i’ve been using this time to visit with my mom.

geeez…i almost forgot about today’s post…got it in just in time, though!

hopefully i should have time to leave my comments and write something to dazzle you tomorrow.  till then, i’m hangin’ with my mommy!

my mom came up yesterday to stay with us for the weekend. she rocks….know why? ’cause she came up mainly to babysit for us so that we could go out tomorrow night. see, i told her that we made plans with some friends, and she drove 2.5 hours to Ottawa so that she could watch the monkeys whilst we have some much-needed adult fun. (wait…did that sound kinda dirty?)

the boys adore their mormor (Danish for grandmother…specifically mother’s mother). when she comes through the door, the both go running/crawling. it’s so much fun to see them playing with her…since she lives so far away, it’s a big deal when they see her.

i told Zander last week that mormor would be coming soon to visit. this is the conversation i had with him the next day when i went to get him out of bed in the morning.

me: Morning Zander!

Zander: Mor’ing mummy! [he paused] Mormor! Mormor!

me: No sweetheart, mormor isn’t here right now.

Zander: Soon!

me: Yup! She’s coming to see us soon!

Zander: Mormor make a hat!

me: [trying hard to stiffle my laughter] Yes, Zander…she’ll make you a hat!

now that’s a good memory…my mom was knitting hats to sell last time she was here to visit, and she had promised to make one for him. i guess he’s stored that little nugget in his cute little head for over a month waiting for this hat she promised him!

so she made sure to bring her supplies, and has been knitting hats for the boys…so cute.

how’s that…she comes all that way up here to offer he babysitting services (free, of course!), and she knits us all hats to boot!

yes sir…my mom rocks!

mormor and boys knitting

the boys “helping” mormor knit a hat

a couple of weeks ago, Shauna from Pass the Chocolate asked me something in an email…something that made a light bulb go on in my head (i know…who knew it could happen?). she asked me if i was going to keep my new blog more private than “A Beautiful Life“.

i have tossed this idea around before. there have been many times where i have really needed to vent, but had to watch my words and my subject matter…never know who’s reading. and my mom…i love her…but she has expressed her displeasure at my use of profanity…which is knee-slapping hilarious. my IRL friends can attest to the fact that my mother has a dirty potty mouth of her own…where exactly does she think i get it from??? i think she was worried about what other family members of friends might think…which has made it difficult for me to write everything i need to write.

so, after much deliberation….i have decided that “monkeys and marbles” will not be a family show. none of my family members will have access to this blog. not a one.

as far as IRL friends go, i have given my new address to two of my oldest friends from high school…that’s it.

i’m keeping “A Beautiful Life” going for the sake of family. the only thing i’ve done is move it over to WordPress.

i don’t have time to write two different blogs. so, when i write a post that is family friendly for “m&m“, i will copy and paste it over at “ABL“. but the non-family friendly posts will stay here…

i’m excited to have a chance to be more candid, more honest, and less censored…should make for some interesting reading!