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first of all, i’d like to thank Jenny from Absolutely Bananas for starting Hot Mamas Know…what a great idea! the first of every month, we share beauty tips…almost sounds like a slumber party!

if you are like me, the winter weather (unless you are someplace warm!) reeks havoc on my skin. my skin is dry to begin with, but the winter makes it so dry and flaky and itchy itchy itchy….it ain’t purdy, folks!

then i discovered this.

Jamieson Vitamin E Cream

nothing fancy. it doesn’t have all kinds of ingredients…just Vitamin E oil. it’s thick, and it’s easy to make your face look greasy if you put too much on. but i don’t use it as a normal moisturizer…i use it as a night-time moisture mask!

after i wash my face at night, i slather this stuff on. i put on enough that it absorbs, and then i put a little more on. not a super thick layer, but enough to be all lubed up. trust me, it doesn’t take as much as you think…this stuff goes a long way. believe me, i look like a grease-monkey, all shiny, but that’s okay.

by the morning it’s all absorbed, and what’s left is the. most. amazingly. soft. skin! it works wonders! my skin stops flaking, and the little lines i get on my forehead when i get dry skin disappear. i love this stuff!

here in Canada, this stuff is sold all the major drug stores, Wal-mart, Zellers, etc. not sure about the US, but it is available on line as well.