monkeys and marbles

all about cate

i’m a SAHM to two high-needs boys 13 months apart in age. Zander, born May 2005, has SED (Selective Eating Disorder). Logan, born June 2006, was born prematurely and has GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease).  they are a handful…and a half.  but they are my sunshine boys…smart, funny, amazing little boys.

on top of dealing with these two precious-but-high-maintenance little monkeys everyday, i have my own personal challenges.  i lost all of my hair from Alopecia in 1996.  i am allergic to sun (seriously), allergic to cold (ya….seriously!), and i’ve been dealing with Post Partum depression.

i deal with all of this the only way i know how.  i laugh…i make fun…i try to find the humour in it all.  though, sometimes it just isn’t that funny.

but seriously, shit happens…and if you don’t laugh, you’re gonna cry, right?


13 Responses to "all about cate"

I find it amazing that you have any sanity left at all. They say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. He must know something about all of us that we don’t know about ourselves. Keep blogging and Haiku!

A wonderful friend of mine has alopecia, too.
You look fabulous bald! Absolutely fabulous! Your beautiful smile just radiates.

Not sure if you got the post I submitted a while back but I also have had alopecia since about 2001. I havent lost all of my hair yet but it is on its way. When it is gone it is gone…I will also be beautifully bald just like you. I am more of a bandanna girl then a wig girl. I believe that I should just be me, if I can deal with it then others should be able to also. I feel like if I wore a wig it would be to make other people more comfortable….why? So, I salute you…

You are possibly the most beautiful bald person ever. 🙂 I just found your blog. I love, love, love the Mother F.U.C.K.E.R badge. 🙂

well…you have such a beautiful face that hair or no hair…it doesn’t matter…look at that punim…(means face in yiddish!)

how did i find your blog? i have no clue. (and, i might add…i should be working and not BROWSING!!). but i love it– you are HOT and i mean that mom-to-mom. really beautiful and i am putting you on my ‘people i stalk’ blogroll. boy, i sound like a real nutjob.


You are amazing. I will stop complaining now:) My dad dealt with alopecia and experinced regrowth. Just like him, you are beautiful with or without it!

Hope you didn’t mind me stopping by. I found your site through the blissfully domestic living site, and was totally struck by your beautiful, radiant smile. I was reminded of the feeling I had watching Melissa Ethridge sing on TV after going through chemo. To me, she was fabulous withOUT the hair. Love your blog!

Both my daughter and I have various forms of Alopecia. Right now I’m in a growing cycle and my daugher is too (with the help of meds), but thanks for putting yourself out there…I was excited to find your blog.

I can’t even wear short hair and look as good as you do bald! Wow. I wish my husband would feel as confident as you do. He honestly drives me looney sometimes worrying about whether or not he is still sexy. What is it with men? I’m all for natural beauty, and you have it.

Oh, I forgot to say. I found your blog on and I love the monkeys and marbles name. Very cool.

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