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we went to the Children’s Hospital to meet with Zander’s Occupational Therapist and Psychologist…and it went pretty well.

we brought both boys, since we couldn’t get anyone to watch Logan. we were told to bring their lunches, so that Zander could be observed eating. we made sure to bring his new favourite veggie, corn, to see if he would show them his latest bit of progress.

the adults talked as the boys ate. the OT and Psychologist kept writing notes as they observed. they were impressed with Zander trying corn on his own, and they liked the way he used his knife and fork to eat. they were wowed by Logan, who just shovelled whatever was in front of him into his mouth. it was said that he looks “healthy”…uh…did you mean to say huge???

so…the OT thinks that, with his iron drops starting to help, we are finally on the right path. that’s not to say there isn’t a long, bumpy road ahead of us. but we’re finally heading in the right direction. she is going to be checking in on him to see his progress.

the Psychologist is going to meet with us again in two weeks. Zander is having some anxiety issues that she wants to address, as well as some exaggerated emotional responses. so we are going to meet with her in a big room with a bunch of toys, and talk with her while we watch the boys play together….hmmm…almost sounds like a play-date but without the other kids!

anyway, it’s nice to hear the professionals tell us they see progress. finally.


it was a busy day, so we ended up throwing together something quick for dinner…breaded fish sticks, baked beans, kernel corn and a fresh-baked whole wheat baguette (okay…before you get the idea that i’m some kinda martha stewart nut, it was one of those frozen baguettes that you throw in the oven for 15 minutes…who has time to bake fresh bread???). nothing fancy.

as usual, we put a little of everything on each of the boys’ plates. as usual, Logan had no trouble scarfing down whatever was fed to him. and, as usual, Zander just pushed around the food on his plate, and used some of his many distractionary tactics to buy him some time so that he didn’t have to eat.

and then it happened. Zander picked up a kernel of corn….and he put it in his mouth. Carlos and i froze, knowing from experience that if we said anything…even praise…he would get spooked and spit it out.

we watched eagerly…anxiously…our breaths caught in our throats.

he chewed….then he swallowed…”dat good!” he said with a smile. and he kept going, too…kernel after kernel, he happily ate corn. from his plate…from his daddy’s plate. hubby and i smiled at each other…what an amazing bit of progress. he’s never eaten kernel corn before, only pureed corn.

that’s when it hit me like a slap in the face…the realization that my son…my 2 years, 4 months and 13 day old little boy had never experienced something so simple as eating a kernel of corn.

cue the tears.

but they were tears of joy. this is the biggest improvement in Zander’s eating disorder that we’ve seen since starting both his therapy and his iron drops.

so here i sit…it’s the end of the day…and instead feeling helpless, hopeless and dejected like i usually do, my spirits are high…even if just for tonight. ’cause tonight, my boy done ate him some corn!