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a couple of weeks ago, i was sitting down to lunch with the boys. i had worked up a sweat changing diapers, washing bottles/sippy cups, getting lunch ready and rounding up the boys. feeling like i was about to burst into flames, i unzipped my hoody and took it off, leaving me sitting there in my comfy pants and sports bra. paints a sexy picture, don’t it?

Zander: [looking at me in confusion] mommy take a sweater off!

me: yup…i took my sweater off because i’m hot.

Zander: ya! mommy hot! mommy so hot!

why thank you dear boy..i’m blushing!

he continued to say it all day, and still says it if i take a sweater of cardigan off. a great boost to my waning ego.

of course, later that day i told him he was stinky and he said “no, mommy stinky!”.

anyway…i’ve been meaning to post about it, but stuff kept coming up, and it left my mind. until today, when i got a reminder.

after getting the boys to bed for their nap, i was a little toasty, so i took my sweater off, again leaving me in my sports bra (i’m not trying to give you nightmares…really!). as i was walking through my living room, i glanced out the window to a familiar site. there was a man doing work on the roof of the school behind our house, and he was looking in at me. by the look on his face, i couldn’t tell whether he thought i was totally hot, or the complete opposite. i really don’t think i want to know the answer to that one.

you’d think i would have learned my lesson last time.

note to self (again!): close curtains!

i said that to hubby on the phone this morning, and he said “sweeeet!”…get your mind out of the gutter!

this is the reason i suck.  the boys are late risers, and they normally wake up somewhere between 8am and 8:45am, depending on when they got to bed the night before.

well…i woke up at 9:21am.  i slept right through the early morning, right through the boys waking up…and that’s why i suck!

luckily the boys like playing in their cribs….Zander was happily naming everything in his crib and his room…”piwwow, bwanket, monkey joe, water,  goodnight moon….”, while Logan was having fun tearing his crib apart and squealing with excitement.  i’ve got good boys.

i darted downstairs to get breakfast started, and then went upstairs to get the monkeys.  they just smiled when i opened their doors, anxious to get downstairs.  my angels.

thank God they aren’t old enough to hold grudges!