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Okay…Logan didn’t say that….’cause he doesn’t talk yet. But I know he was thinking it as he gave me his sheepish little grin.

Logan and Zander were having their bath, and playing the way they usually do…..Zander splashing until every wall in the bathroom was shiny from water as it cascaded to the floor, Logan laughing like a madman at the wet mess his big brother is making. Once the waterworks died down, the boys turned their focus to the bath toys floating around them. That is when Logan found a new toy…..his penis.

Yes, ladies and gents, my youngest son has found his penis….and I must say he was quite pleased with his discovery. There he sat in his bath seat….twisting it and turning it, pulling it and tugging it…..examining it like I had never seen him examine anything before. Little does he know, his new-found game will be a life-long obsession.

This brought back memories of Zander discovering this very same appendage. As a new mom, it made me a little uncomfortable….at first. I quickly saw the humour in it….and it’s all so perfectly natural, so what’s there to be uncomfortable about? But this has brought up a bit of a conundrum for Carlos and I…what should we call it?

Zander will be turning 2 years old in a couple of days. He’s getting close to the potty-training stage. And his vocabulary increases daily. Now is the time to decide how we will address the boys’ penises.

There seem to be two schools of thought on this topic. 1) just call it a penis, 2) make up some cutesy name for it. But which way should we go? That’s what we’re trying to decide.

I have no problem calling it a penis…this doesn’t bother me one bit. But I know it bothers others….for instance, my mother. I have witnessed her subtly cringe when I say “penis” in reference to her grandsons. So should we make up a name for it???

On the other hand, will having a nickname for my sons’ penises make it feel awkward for them to start calling it a penis later on?

I’m not really sure what we are going to do, but we need to decide soon. Zander is picking up new words faster now than ever before. Say it once or twice, and he’s added it to his ever-expanding list of words.

I know there are moms of boys reading my blog. Any thoughts on the subject??? I would love to hear your experiences!


We went back to look at the model homes yesterday….and we put a deposit down on a lot. This means that we have a week to go back with another cheque and sign some more papers. And then the fun starts. Picking the colours, flooring, counter tops, etc. We don’t have money for upgrades, so we will have to stick with the standard stuff that is included in the base price….but I’m more worried about the space. We can fancy it up in a few years when I’m back to work.

As I said before, we went for another town home, so as not to stretch our single-income budget. I don’t to be forced to go back to work before the boys are in school. I am sad to say that we couldn’t afford an end-unit. This means that our backyard will be miniscule. But that is my only regret.

The model we chose is an open-concept floor plan, which is exactly what we wanted. It will allow me to keep an eye on the boys while I can actually get some work done in the kitchen….unloading and loading the dishwasher, making dinner, etc. That will be nice!

It has an L-shaped kitchen with an island on a diagonal looking out into the living space. The dining room is right off the kitchen, and the living room (with gas-burning fire place!) is right beside that. It’s a nice, open space…and I love it.

It also has the laundry on the second floor where the bedrooms are….a definate bonus for a family with two young troublemakers boys!

The boys bedrooms are not huge, but a good size for sure. One is 10′ X 12′, and the other is 10′ X 12’8″. Bigger than the secondary bedrooms in all of the other models we looked at.

The master is not huge either….but I’m not one who needs more room than what my bed and night tables require. But I do like walk-in closets….and this has got one….a big one…..nice! And the ensuite has a large corner soaker tub. This was one of our requirements. Do you know what kind of strategizing is require for a large 5’10” woman to have a bath in a standard sized tub?????? I just isn’t relaxing, I’ll tell you that! And there tend to be a lot of “Calgon, take me away” moments with the boys, so that will be sooooo nice to have!

There is also a large finished rec room, so we can have some place other than our living room for the boys to have all of their toys. And plenty of storage room in the basement….something our current house doesn’t have.

So if all goes well, we will be in our new home for Christmas. So I have a few months to figure out where the Christmas tree will go!

I thought, with all stress we’ve been going through the past couple of weeks, I would do something fun. The boys are so much alike, and at the same time so completely different. I thought I would do a little comparison thingy by way of a list of facts about the two of them. I’ve also thrown in some “fun facts” about mommy and daddy too. Enjoy!

Zander will be 2 years old in May.
Logan will be 1 year old in June.

Zander was born 15 days early.
Logan was born 5 weeks early.

Zander weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces when he was born.
Logan weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces when he was born.

Zander is 23.5 months old.
Logan is 10.5 months old. His corrected age is 9 months.

Zander weighs approximately 25 pounds.
Logan weighs approximately 26 pounds (nope…not a typo).

Zander & Logan are both CRAZY ticklish.

Most of the solid food that Zander eats is still pureed due to his many food aversions and ridiculously strong gag reflex.
All of the solid food that Logan eats is pureed due to the fact that he’s only 10 months old.

Zander & Logan’s daddy is Portuguese. He was born in the Azores, and came to Canada when he was 6 years old.

Zander & Logan’s mommy is Danish-Canadian. She was born in Canada, but both her parents are Danish, and moved to Canada before she was born.

Zander likes to stack wooden blocks.
Logan likes to eat wooden blocks.

Zander & Logan both wear cloth diapers as often as is convenient.

Zander wears size 5 Huggies diapers.
Logan wears size 5 Huggies diapers, but he wears a bigger size of cloth diaper than his big brother.

Logan has long, black eyelashes.
Zander has longer, black eyelashes. They are longer than the fake ones I wore for my wedding.

Zander & Logan take their baths together.

Mommy gained 70 pounds when she was expecting Zander.
Mommy gained 6 pounds when she was expecting Logan.

Zander & Logan have the same God Parents. Tia (aunt in Portuguese) Sonia (Carlos’ sister) and uncle Vince (Sonia’s husband).

Zander loves to dance.
Logan loves to watch Zander dance.

Zander adores his Carl daddy.
So does Logan.

Zander’s current fave foods are squash, carrots, breaded fish, french fries, toast, bananas and yogurt.
Logan’s fave food is food.

Zander loves to splash in the bathtub.
Logan laughs uncontrollably when Zander splashes in the bathtub.

Zander & Logan both have big gorgeous blue eyes.

Zander has a little eczema on his arms and legs…occasionally on his chest and belly.
Logan has eczema on his arms, legs, chest, belly, back, face, hands, feet,……basically everywhere he has skin.

Zander calls Logan “Gun”.
Logan calls Zander “babadadamamalalatatafafapapa…..”….it just goes on and on.

Zander’s fave TV show is “Mighty Machines”.
Logan’s fave TV show is “The Mole Sisters”. (Tia Sonia thinks they’re creepy.)

Zander LOVES reading books.
Logan LOVES eating books.

Zander fits some 24 month / 2 year size clothes, but mostly 18-month clothes (he’s a skinny little man).
Logan fits some 12-month size clothes, but mostly 18-month clothes.

Zander & Logan share most of their clothes!

Zander sleeps crosswise at the top of his crib (he really likes to wedge himself in there!).
Due to his GERD, Logan’s crib mattress is at a 35 degree angle, and he sleeps strapped to the mattress with a harness so he doesn’t slide down.

Zander gets Tempra or Motrin when he is in pain from teething.
Logan gets Prevacid once a day and Zantac twice a day to control his GERD, Gaviscon for break-through reflux episodes, and Tempra or Motrin when he is in pain from teething.

Zander loves to draw with crayons.
Logan loves to eat crayons.

Zander wears size 5 shoe.
Logan wears size 3 shoe.

Zander has 16 teeth.
Logan has 2 teeth.

Zander has his own bedroom.
Logan sleeps in mommy and daddy’s bedroom since his GERD can make him wake up multiple times a night, and he cannot soothe himself back to sleep on his own since he cannot get his own pacifier…remember, he’s strapped to the mattress. (Mommy and daddy are hoping to get their bedroom to themselves soon!)

Zander’s middle name is Xavier.
Logan’s middle name is Zakary.

Zander and Logan’s daddy loves names that start with letters at the end of the alphabet.

Zander walks and runs like a pro (with the occasional speed wobble).
Logan just started to crawl (finally!).

Zander is obsessed with trains, tractors, and trucks, of all kinds, planes, helicopters, any mode of transportation or construction / demolition. (his “machines”)
Logan is obsessed with pounding things into the floor.

Zander & Logan’s daddy is a computer programmer. His hobby is computer programming.
Zander & Logan’s mommy is a stay at home mom. Her hobby is cardmaking…papercrafting in general.

Zander & Logan have a Mormor (Danish for grandmother on mother’s side – direct translation is “mother’s mother”) and Morfar (Danish for grandfather on mother’s side -direct translation is “mother’s father”), and an Avó (Portuguese for grandmother – pronounced “av-ah”) and Avô (Portuguese for grandfather – pronounced “av-oh”).

Zander & Logan are the sunshine in mommy and daddy’s lives!

I Clean!

Posted on: April 24, 2007

Dinner tonight was….well….it was just one of those nights when neither son was willing to eat. There was screaming. There was crying. There was much grief. Until Zander did something that made mommy and daddy smile.

He took the face cloth we had to wipe Logan’s face….and started to wipe up the mess that he’d made on the table. As he did this, he proudly proclaimed “I clean!”….my dear, sweet, obsessively clean (this kid doesn’t even like to have crumbs from toast on his hands for more than 2 seconds) boy!

Let’s just hope that he will continue to be a self-cleaning boy (I know…I know….doubtful….just let me keep the dream alive!)

Little Mr. Clean

Logan FINALLY started to crawl yesterday!

Due to his GERD, he didn’t get a lot of floor time (tummy time or otherwise). It was pretty much impossible for him to lie flat for the first 5 months of his life. He would start to reflux within a couple of minutes…even with all the medication he was on.

So he was late rolling over (he was 6 months old before he could roll over both ways), he was late sitting up on his own (he was almost 9 months old), and he was late crawling (he is 10.5 months old).

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not one of those mothers who is obsessed with milestones. I realize that we still have to go by his corrected age due to him being premature. I realize that GERD causes developmental delays. I’m not really worried about all that jazz.

What I am worried about is Logan being bored and cranky, and needing constant entertainment….from me. Until now, he hasn’t been able to go where he wanted to go, or get to the toy he wanted to play with. I can never be more than a few feet away at any given moment, so that I may hand him a toy or move him to where he wants to be. Hopefully this new ability will allow him to have more fun without needing my help all the time….and to stop the incessant whining!

I can’t believe how much he’s grown in the last couple of months! My big little boy!

With all the trials and tribulations of the past 10 months dealing with Logan and his GERD, it has become painfully obvious how isolated we are here in the West end of Ottawa.

All of our support system, friends and family alike, live in the East end. It’s been tough for them to find the time to be here to help us when we needed it. It’s been tough for us to be so far away from everyone, and feeling like we had no right to call on them knowing how far they would have to travel. It’s been tough for me, being here alone with 2 kids while Carlos is at work.

So, we’ve decided to pick up and move to the East end to be near everyone important to us. This has filled us with joy and excitement, as well as fear and anxiety.

We went looking at model homes yesterday, for the first time. (We were supposed to go last Saturday, but two little snotty boys put the kibosh on that plan!) We decided a few weeks ago that new construction might be our best option. We could get the floor plan that we want, and a planned move-in date for less than the same house built by someone else two years ago. We can save money going this route, and have a plan and time line to go by. This will be useful for selling our own house…having a date to work toward rather than looking for a previously-enjoyed home at the same time as selling our current house. Moving with two young children is hard enough…we’re trying to make it as easy on ourselves as possible. We really liked what we saw yesterday…one model in particular. So now the number crunching begins. Hopefully we can manage it on one salary. It’s all so exciting!

On the other hand, the thought of selling this house is stressful to say the least. Getting the house ready for sale isn’t going to be easy. Some things need to be updated (kitchen, bathrooms) before we put it up for sale. Some yard work needs to be done as well. And then there’s the clutter….all the clutter that comes with having two kids in a tiny townhome. We are going to have to purge purge purge! And somethings will need to be packed up and put in storage. Luckily my SIL has offered her garage, so we won’t have to pay for a storage unit.

And then there’s the memories. All the memories of first words, first steps…I’ve never like this house, and was always looking forward to leaving. But having children has made me attached to this place. It’s probably good that we’re moving now…not sure if I could leave a place that my kids had lived in for years and years. Ya…I’m a sentimental fool.

But I realize that these memories have been recorded in the form of TONS of digital pictures and videos. The memories will still be in my head and in my heart. And there are many more memories to be made in our new home.

So I’m trying to keep the sadness at leaving the only home the boys have known at bay by focusing on the positive. If all goes well, we will be moving into a brand new home before Christmas. A home with the exact layout that we want, with the colours, flooring and finishes of our choosing. We will be closer to friends and family (which means I will probably be getting out more…woohoo!). A fresh start for our family!

Now….how are we going to find the time and energy to do this?

Sara from Suburban Oblivion recently bestowed a Thinking Blogger Award on me. Is it well deserved? I’m not sure. But I will accept it, and all the accolades that come with receiving such a prestigious award (yes, I’m currently standing in the middle of my living room, bowing before a myriad of tripping hazards stuffed animals and assorted electronic educational noisemakers toys), if only to lift my spirits after two weeks of crappy happenings! I’m giddy with pride (teehee!), and still blushing from reading all the lovely things she wrote about me in her post (cheque’s in the mail, Sara!).

When I read that Sara, herself, had been given this award by a fellow-blogger, I thought “good for her”. She definitely deserves it! Her blog sucked me in the first time I read it. She has an extremely honest style of writing that I just L-O-V-E. She makes me laugh on a regular basis, which is good for the soul. And I can identify with her in her posts about mommyhood.

As I humbly accept this award, I take on the task that comes with it. I must now bestow this most prestigious of awards on 5 other deserving bloggers.

I, like Sara, have instead decided to pass this award on to one über-deserving woman. Karla from Untangling Knots. I have written about her in the past. She inspired me to start my own blog, and continues to be an inspiration to me and so many others. She writes honestly and freely, holding nothing back. And man, is she witty! I have the utmost respect for her. I do hope she accepts this award…she truly deserves it! Check out her blog…she’s an absolutely amazing woman!