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*** just fyi…i started writing this post on April 6th. Logan is all better now…but that fact that i’m just finishing this and posting it now just shows you how frick-frackin’ tired i am!

we brought more home from my parents’ place than chocolate bunnies after spending the Easter weekend there. all of us came home with a crappy cold. unfortunately, Logan’s has gone ahead and progressed into Croup.

i’m not sure how he got Croup. all i know is that my nephew was just getting over a cold, my niece was just starting a cold, and my cousin’s 3 daughters all had some kind of cold when we saw them for Easter.

Logan kept grabbing my nephew Oliver’s pacifier and shoving it in his mouth, which can’t have been good. my niece Georgina was snotting all over him. and my cousin’s daughters, the oldest being 6 years old, have never been told not sneeze or cough all over other people, other people’s food, or to simply cover their mouths.

so Zander, Carlos and i are getting over our stuffy noses….and Logan has Croup.

i’ve never dealt with Croup before, but i recognized the telltale barking-seal signs when Logan coughed. here in Ontario, we have a service called TeleHealth. great service. it’s a call center manned by nurses. you speak to a nurse, tell them what’s going on with you or your loved one, and they can give you recommendations to treat the illness/injury at home, advise you to see your doctor as soon as possible, or rush your ass to the nearest emergency room. let me tell you, TeleHealth has saved me many a gajillion-hour wait at a clinic or ER!

so i call TeleHealth to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough….it’s the dreaded Croup. luckily it’s not bad enough to warrant a hospital visit, but enough to be advised to monitor him while he’s sleeping at night, lots of humidification, steam baths, and honey to help the cough.

the honey didn’t go so well. we gave him a tiny bit, he gagged, and he threw up all over himself, Carlos (who was holding him at the time) and the kitchen floor. he was not a happy camper.

so i dutifully slept in his room. on my super comfortable Poäng chair. with my legs up on a heaping-full laundry basket. oh, what a glorious sleep i had.

but seriously, Logan woke up in a coughing fit every 20 minutes for the first couple of hours. which was fine, because i hadn’t fallen asleep yet…i was too busy listening to his breathing. then came the coughing fit that changed it all. it was so bad that he gagged and choked and almost threw up. which sent him into hysterics. and that was the end of him sleeping in the crib.

for the rest of the night, i sat in the chair holding him up right, with his chest against mine. he slept. i didn’t. when morning finally came, Carlos came and got Logan, and i went to bed for a few hours to actually sleep.

today has been much of the same. luckily he’s in good spirits unless he’s coughing up a lung. unfortunately, this leads to him not understanding that he’s sick and should take it easy. so he runs around like a madman, which makes him breath really hard, which makes his cough worse.

tonight when the boys were in the bath, we decided to try the honey again. we figured that it might work better since Logan was all calm and humidified by the steam. wrong. once again, he coughed and threw up…in the bath. he thought it was funny, and decided to splash his hands in the pukey water, while Zander backed up as fast as i’ve ever seen him do anything, yelling “can you get me out!!!”.

so it will be another night sitting in the chair staring into the darkness listening to a wheezy, raspy little boy sleeping all the while getting another stiff neck sleeping in the chair. i’m so looking forward to it.

update: it took another 4 days for Logan to be over his nasty cough, and for me to get a somewhat decent night’s sleep. he’s fine now…up to his usual turdiness. we’re lucky that it was a fairly short case of croup…it could’ve been much worse.

i’m hoping to finally get back to blogging on a regular basis. it’s been tough to get back into it though….but that’s a whole other post!


my mom came to Ottawa yesterday to pick me up.  she stayed the night, and today she travelled with me and the boys back to my parents’ house.  we got here  around 5pm.

we went in my car, and left hers there for hubby to use.  the plan is that the boys and i will stay here for the week, and hubby will come down next weekend for a visit, and leave together on Sunday.

so….i’m with my mommy and daddy, and i’m getting pampered, and i have extra help with the boys during the day.  all is good.  well, except one thing.

i’m going to have to apologize right now.   since the only computer in the house is in the room Zander sleeps in, my blog reading/writing time will be cut drastically.  i normally do all of that during the boys’ naptime, or after they are in bed.  ya, that’s not gonna happen here.

i’m so close to the end of NaBloPoMo, that i’m not gonna quit now.  i will post everyday.  but i’m afraid it will be difficult to read all of my favourite bloggies on a daily basis.  i will do my best to read as much as possible, but i will probably be pretty scared.

have no fear, my friends…if i don’t get to read your posts while i’m here, i will definitely be catching up on my reading when i get home next week!

well, i’m off to put the boys to bed…so i guess it’s log-off time.  that’s really gonna take a lot of getting used to! 

every couple of days i clip the boys’ fingernails. i clip, and then i file…and i file and i file away any sharp edges and corners. and then i file some more. why? because they both have eczema and are crazy allergic to….everything…nothing…who knows. what can happen if i forget to do it on time?


Logan’s eczema leg

Logan’s leg after a night of scratching

so i do my best not to miss any manicure appointment for the boys…which is tough. not so much for Zander. he’ll actually tell me he wants his nails clipped, and is excited when i tell it’s time for a clipping.

Logan is a whole different kettle of squirmy, flailing monkey. the odd time i will be lucky…if he’s mesmerized by the TV and in a co-operative mood, he’ll sit quietly and let me clip away. but most of the time he screams and grabs at the clippers and kicks and hits and punches and tries (sometimes successfully) to wriggle and squirm from my grip. and unfortunately Logan’s eczema is the worst of the two, so his nails NEED to be clipped most often. oh, what fun!

well, tonight was one of the easy manicures for Logan. fresh from his bath, he sat quietly, snuggled in my arms while he watch Harry and His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs…and i got the job done with absolutely no bloodshed. bonus.

why can’t it always be that easy?

ever since i saw Sara’s post at Suburban Oblivion, i’ve wanted to do something similar…well, this afternoon the perfect fodder made itself available to me….

the good: Logan finally picked up a cup and tried to drink out of it all by himself…and almost succeeded!

the bad: it was my glass of coke that he had taken from the table next to the couch….sound familiar?

the oh so very ugly: his surprise at being caught made him jump up and laugh (that’s right….laugh!), which caused him to fall backwards onto the couch…with glass of coke still in his chubby little hands. as he fell, the coke splashed out of the glass and all over his face, shirt, pants and the couch. thought it’s easy to change Logan’s clothes, it’s not so easy to clean up coke that has gone into every gap between the non-removable couch seat cushions…thank God the couch is leather! i grabbed the only thing close by…a box of wipes. i wiped as much coke as possible off the couch, ripped Logan’s clothes off and used a wipe to “wash” the stickiness from his hair. as i tried to get all the coke sopped up using the dry parts of Logan’s shirt and pants, the little bugger kept trying to get back on the couch! since the cushions were wet from the butt wipes, he kept slipping off, whcih turned into a giant screaming tantrum. after finally getting the boys down for their nap, i continued my quest to de-goop the couch…alas, i have failed. my comfy pants are sticking to the cushion, and every time i moved, the backrest cushions make this velcro sound because they are sticking to the seat cushions. great!

so here i sit, stuck to my lovely leather couch with a blinding split-my-head-open headache….and i’m all out of coke….

oh….it’s going to be a long day….

i have written two
poems for Haiku Friday
there’s one for each boy

ode to Logan

note: this might make more sense if you read my post from yesterday

Logan, sweet Logan
you are my big baby boy
just fifteen months old

at times you can cause
pain in my posterior
you monkey boy you

and now i know why
you’ve been a bigger asshole
than per usual

when i snuck a peak
i saw molars popping up
in your little mouth

and it’s no wonder
why you’re acting so crazy
the pain must be bad

but no matter what
i say or i do, Logan
please know i love you

always remember
when i call you an asshole
i do it for sanity

always remember
when i call you an asshole
i do it with love

ode to Zander

oh Zander my boy
you’re my oldest monkey boy
at twenty-eight months

you’ve been through so much
over the past eighteen months
you’re such a strong boy

not wanting to eat
you seemed so scared of your food
it didn’t make sense

it was so scary
so slowly wasting away
my skinny Zander

and now it does seem
that we have hit a crossroads
something is changing

you’ve begun to eat
food you’ve never had before
amazing to watch

and so the treatment
and the counseling we’ve had
seems to be working

i finally see
a faint light at the end of
a long long tunnel

Zander, sweet Zander
seeing you begin to thrive
brings tears to my eyes

always remember
no matter how hard it’s been
my love never fails

always remember
no matter how long it takes
i’ll be by your side

 Haiku Friday

since we wanted a quick dinner tonight…a dinner that Zander might actually eat some of (since he has to fast for his upper GI in the morning…dinner is his last meal until lunch tomorrow), we decided to pile the monkeys into the car and go get pizza.

to give you a peek into the World of Zander, here’s a little taste of the lively conversation enjoyed on the way to Little Caesar’s.

Zander: go i’ car! drive fast!

me: yup…we’re going to go in the car and drive fast. we’re going to go get pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup…we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] where va’s house? go a va’s house!

me: no, we’re not going to vavó’s house (translation: vavó is Portuguese for grandma, pronounced va’vaw). we’re going to get pizza.
Zander: ge’ peet-za! hot peet-za!

hubby: ya, we’re going to get some hot pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] bwo a peet-za!

me: you’re going to blow on the pizza? ’cause it’s hot?

Zander: ya! [pauses] no ew!

hubby:, no, pizza isn’t ewy…it’s yummy.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a sea’belt!

hubby: ya, you’re wearing your seatbelt.

Zander: ya! [pauses] i’ ba’ sea’!

me: ya, you’re sitting in the back seat.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a ba’ sea’ boogie!

me: you want me to sing the backseat boogie?

Zander: ya…ya…YA!

me: okay….”doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie! doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie!”

Zander: [smiling and laughing] ya! [long pause] i ha’ idee-ya!

hubby: you have an idea?

Zander: ya ya!

me: what’s your idea?

Zander: [looks at me silently]

me: Zander, what is your idea?

Zander: no! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup..we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

that was the first 2 minutes of the car trip…i would continue recounting this conversation, but there’s a good chance my head might explode…