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my high-speed went down yesterday…crazy!  you never know how much you rely on something until it’s gone!

no blog reading, no blog writing, no email…no nothing!

i needed to look something up…nope….no internet!

oh, i should check my Google Calendar to see if i’m free next week….ooops…no internet!

i wonder if anyone has left my comment-whore self a comment or two…denied!  NO INTERNET!

i’ll have something more entertaining later…i’m still recovering from the shock….


i check the search engine terms that people find with on a regular basis. nothing really good lately, although, according to Heather, my farting-toddler post should be yielding some interesting ones any day now.

for now, it’s just stuff like:

“i pee my pants when i sneeze” – ya, i know all about that!

“ugly monkeys jumping up and down” – ummm…i got me some jumping monkeys, but they’re not so much ugly as absolutely adorable!

“Eat and my thumb gets swollen” – see, my thumb only gets swollen when i physically injure it…not after i eat….????

“why do you cry when you poop” – i’m not sure who this question is directed to, but my sympathies…

“i’m cool like that” – uh…ya! i am SO cool like that!

but then there was one that…well…someone searched for“chin hair” and got me…crap! i don’t want to be the go-to place for everything chin hair!

well…at least i’m nowhere near the top…i’m 23rd on the Google list for chin hair. of course, this post will probably bump me even further up the list….double crap!

damn you, chin hair!

i’ve been sitting here trying to catch up on my blog reading, when really i should be in bed getting some much needed shut-eye.  priorities, people!

the thing is, it’s easier to read my favourite blogs when all is quiet and there are no little guys interrupting me ever 2 seconds…”mommy?  mom?  mum? mummy?  MOMMY?”…ya, you know how it goes.

anyway, all is quiet in the house when i hear a familiar rumbling.  and this familiar rumbling, that is coming from the monitor, makes me smile.

this break in the silence? it’s Logan tooting.  actually, i can’t really call it something cute like “tooting”…he sounds like a 300 hundred pound trucker letting one fly!  he’s a farter…a farting toddler.  Zander toots…Logan farts.

this happens almost every night…and it always makes me smile.  ’cause he’s my farting toddler….my Logie.

Logan is currently upstairs in his crib. instead of sleeping peacefully like he normally does during his naptime, he’s screaming his little head off. why? ’cause he took a damn catnap in the car!

we were out running some errands this morning in the other end of town. unfortunately while we were on our way home to have lunch….Logan fell asleep. 10. minutes. from. home!

everytime Logan catches a catnap in the car before lunch, we won’t sleep during his naptime. not sure how 10 minutes can make up for the 2.5 hour nap he usually takes, but somehow he thinks it does.

so now, instead of spending a nice relaxing couple of hours with hubby, we are sitting on the couch trying to watch House on the TiVo while Logan screams bloody murder in an attempt at bribing his way back downstairs. nice.

i swear, i’d be pulling my hair out if i had any!

i said that to hubby on the phone this morning, and he said “sweeeet!”…get your mind out of the gutter!

this is the reason i suck.  the boys are late risers, and they normally wake up somewhere between 8am and 8:45am, depending on when they got to bed the night before.

well…i woke up at 9:21am.  i slept right through the early morning, right through the boys waking up…and that’s why i suck!

luckily the boys like playing in their cribs….Zander was happily naming everything in his crib and his room…”piwwow, bwanket, monkey joe, water,  goodnight moon….”, while Logan was having fun tearing his crib apart and squealing with excitement.  i’ve got good boys.

i darted downstairs to get breakfast started, and then went upstairs to get the monkeys.  they just smiled when i opened their doors, anxious to get downstairs.  my angels.

thank God they aren’t old enough to hold grudges!

okay…so this is the first time i’m posting a video…hubby and i are kinda sticklers for privacy, so we’ve decided to password protect our videos. so instead of embedding the video, i will give you the link and the password. at the bottom of this post, there is a poll…i just want to see what everyone thinks of password-protected videos, and if any will watch them if i post them this way.

nighttime in the monkey house is pretty crazy. the boys get this crazy burst of energy, and either do laps around the house…or this! they were all dressed in their jammies and ready to go to bed, when they decided to dismantle the couch (you will notice the backrest cushions on the floor in front of the couch!) and jump around a bit. enjoy! (btw, the lighting isn’t great in our living room, so it’s a little dim looking, but you can still see what’s going on!)

the password for the video is monkeysandmarbles.

Zander and Logan couch play

will you watch videos if they are password protected?
(you would be provided the password, of course)
always…i love watching home movies!
sometimes…if i have time or really want to see the video!
never…that’s just a pain in the ass!
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