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I haven’t had much time for bloggin’ the past few days, since we’ve been fixin’ up the house. It’s been hard getting any work done over the past few days….what with my injuries. Carlos has been doing most of it…but I’ve made a damn good supervisor! I am feeling better…still a little stiff, but the pain isn’t as bad as it was!

All things considered, we have actually gotten a lot done…mostly in the front yard. Curb appeal is important, don’tcha know!

I don’t have any pictures of the yard yet, but I will be posting them soon. Instead…since people thought my driveway incident was so funny (don’t worry…I did too…I wouldn’t have posted the story if I didn’t expect people to laugh at with me!)…I figured that I would give you a peek at the healing process.

This is the bruise on my right knee…perdy, isn’t it?

I’m not gonna post pics of my other wounds ’cause trust me……ya don’t wanna see ’em!


I am battered and bruised. I took a fall today…and I feel like a big tool!

My mother arrived this morning and is staying for the week, and Carlos took the week off work. So this week is all about working on the house to get it ready for sale, while my mom tries to keep up with plays with her grandsons. Or….it was supposed to be….

Carlos and I spent the afternoon going from home reno store to home reno store looking for painting supplies, bathroom fixtures, tile, carpet…all the things we need to get our house fixed up for potential buyers to start filing through.

We got home a little later than we had planned…I knew that the boys (Logan especially) would be getting hungry, so I was in a hurry to get in the house and get dinner started. That’s when I fell…and skidded across the pavement…on my driveway…with neighbours aplenty watching …what a proud moment….

The most embarrassing part was…well….when I fell, I hurt my right hand, both knees, and all 10 of my toes (I was wearing open-toe sandals, so the tips of my toes were all scraped up)…and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get up….so there I was…stuck…on all fours on my driveway…my large had-two-kids-in-quick-succession ass in the air…with lots of chuckling gawkers onlookers…not humiliating in the least….

Carlos helped me up, and I hobbled to the front door. When we got into the house, both boys wanted us to pick them up…of course…and here was their mother…limping and covered in gravel and blood…not scary at all…

I slowly (and painfully) made my way upstairs to the bedroom, gingerly pulled my torn jeans ( my fave pair, no less), and proceeded to assess the damage. My hand was bloody and filled with gravel, my right knee was scraped with a huge softball-sized purple lump, and my left knee was full of gravel, and blood was running down my leg…then I realized that the big toe on my right foot had a huge hole on the tip of it, and it was packed with gravel…it just kept getting better…

I called for Carlos, since I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to clean and bandage myself up…I mean…I couldn’t even bend my knees! He came running up the stairs to find me pant-less on the bed (not tonight honey…I’ve got a knee-ache!), with blood on knees, hand and toes…what a sight…

He cleaned my wounds, applied stinging burning acid antiseptic spray and covered it all up with gauze pads. I’m so sexy…

So here I sit….with bandaged hand, knee and toe…covered in bruises….and in tons of pain…wondering how much work I will be able to do on the house this week…and feelin’ like a big ol’ clumsy clod….

There will be no photographic evidence of this tragically embarrassing event.

I was recently tagged for a meme…and I figured Monday was the perfect day to do it.

Lene from Families Are Like Fudge and Jenny from Absolutely Bananas tagged me for a meme to list 10 things that make me happy. So here we go!

  1. My beautiful little family! I love my three guys!
  2. The sound of my boys’ laughter…there’s nothing better!
  3. My husband telling me how sexy I am, and flirting shamelessly with me! It’s nice to feel wanted!
  4. Getting hugs, kisses and snuggles from my little boys. I’m in heaven!
  5. Reading a great book. I love to read, and be taken away from life for a little while.
  6. Sleeping in while hubby feeds the boys their breakfast.
  7. Cool breezes on a hot day.
  8. Visits from my parents. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like.
  9. Soothing bubble baths in candle light on those “Calgon, take me away!” days…and there are a lot of those!
  10. Getting comments on my blog…are people really reading this???

And now it’s my turn to tag some other unsuspecting bloggers…but it seems that this meme has been going back and forth quite a bit. So if anyone wants to volunteer, go for it!

Last night we went to dinner with friends of ours who we haven’t seen in too long. They invited us over for a fabulous steak dinner, complete with homemade apple crisp. It was such a nice visit.

Instead of getting a babysitter, we brought the boys with us. They’ve changed so much since our friends last saw them, so it was a treat. The best part was that they were so well-behaved…perfect little gentlemen the whole time.

Zander showed off his ever-expanding vocabulary and helped entertain his little brother, while Logan made good use of his newly achieved mobility. And they giggled…and they laughed…and they flirted…and they charmed. Wow…they can have anyone wrapped around their tiny little fingers in record time! Pretty impressive, I must say.

Our friend Don brought out his camera and, using his talent for photography, took some amazing pictures of our little men.

Zander & daddy (with baldie me in the background)
Aren’t Logan’s eyes beautiful?

Zander’s eyes are gorgeous too! He got his bedtime soother when he
started to get tired…we didn’t leave until 10PM!

I was worried it would be hard to relax and have a good time with the kids in tow, but it was really nice. We had a great time chatting while the boys explored…and entertained us with their antics. It became plainly obvious that Zander has reached the age of showing-off for others!

I hope we can do it again soon…a great time was had by all.

My sister-in-law (Carlos’ lil’ sis) and a mutual friend recently quit their jobs to go into business together…so I’m gonna use my blog to spread the word a little, just in case anyone in the Ottawa area is reading.

They bought a meal assembly franchise called SupperWorks. The basic concept is that they do the shopping, slicing, dicing, chopping and clean up. All you do is book your session and choose your meals from their fabulous menu of 14 mouth-watering entrees (which changes monthly) on-line at Then you just come in at your scheduled date/time, grab an apron, and go from station to station assembling the entrees according to the recipe provided. The appropriate measuring cups/spoons and utensils are set out for each ingredient. Then it’s all packaged in freezer bags that are pre-labelled with the name of the entree and cooking instructions. They do all the clean up. All you have to do is throw your entrees in the freezer when you get home, and defrost them and cook them when you need them. No mess. No fuss. Fantastic, right?

We have already taken advantage of this wonderful place…it’s so much fun! The food is really amazing, and easy and quick to prepare once defrosted…a great idea for…say…parents of two ridiculously busy boys!

Carlos and I are so proud of them, and their husbands (who are also partners in this venture) for doing this…I honestly don’t think I would have the courage. We love the idea (and them….hi guys!) so much that we decided to become their very own little marketing department.

They were featured in the Ottawa Citizen (front page of the business section…fancy!), and had a spot on A-Channel Morning, where they demonstrated how it all works. My geek-tastic hubby made a little fan site (with a disclaimer, of course, stating that the site is in no way affiliated with SupperWorks) linking to the article on-line, and the video clip from A-Channel Morning…which he digitized and uploaded to youtube. He’s so cute!

Anyway….if you are in the Ottawa area, check it out…the video is great. If you aren’t from the area….check it out anyway!

Okay…I’m done my sales pitch…promise!

Okay…so I was getting pretty tired of the old template. I’m not really one for busy backgrounds on blogs…I find them distracting. I decided on the other template because….well….I just needed some colour or something.

But that template is now, and forever, retired here at A Beautiful Life. On to bigger, better, and cleaner styles.

It is my plan to try to design, along with my geekified hubby, a fancy schmancy banner for the top of my fresh, new clean-lines blog.

So stay tuned for my continuing Blog-volution. (ya….I like to make up word for my own personal use….get used to it…I do it a lot!)

For his second birthday, Zander received a Sing N Spin Pablo from his aunt and uncle. Being an avid fan of the Backyardigans, this gift was a huge hit…after he got over his fear of a moving, walking, talking, dancing Pablo, of course.

That fear has now returned. This afternoon, Zander’s new friend turned on him. It appears that Pablo has an evil streak.

It started out innocent enough. Zander was playing with Pablo on the floor in front of me. Whenever Zander gave one of Pablo’s hands a squeeze, Pablo would commence with the singing and the spinning.

Suddenly Zander started to scream…I’ve heard all types of screams come from within this child, but never a scream like this. It made my heart skip a beat.

As Zander continued to scream, he held Pablo (who was still happily singing away) up in the air. That’s when I saw that the flesh on the underside of his middle finger had been pulled into the space next to the wheel on the bottom of one of Pablo’s feet. And Pablo was still singing and trying to spin…which meant the wheels on the bottom of his feet were still moving, pulling more and more of Zander’s finger into the mechanism.

I tried to gently pry his flesh out, but to no avail. I held my breath, gave a quick yank, and his finger was free….but not without a little damage. Pablo had left a large red welt on my little boy’s finger. At first he kept crossing his pointer finger over in front of it, as if to guard his injury…although it almost looked involuntary. This caused some concern. His flesh was pulled so far into the mechanism that the possibility of something more serious than a welt (ie. nerve damage or something similarly horrendous) was lingering in my mind.

After I got him calmed down a bit, I asked him what would make him feel better. “Balloon”, he squeaked between sobs. More specifically, a pink balloon…he got to pick the perfect balloon out of a big bag of assorted colours and sizes.

The Victim: Nothing heals a banged-up finger like a pink balloon!

It took about an hour for him to go back to his normal self. By that time his finger had just a red, slightly raised bruise. It’s still extremely sore, but his finger appears to be functioning normally…thank God!

I went on the Fisher-Price website to confirm the suggested age for this toy. Just as my memory informed me, it is 18+ months. I’m not impressed.

The wheel mechanisms at the bottom of Pablo’s feet that allow him to dance and spin are not shielded in any way to protect little fingers, or any other body part, from being pinched, caught or pulled in. Zander is two years old…and they expect an 18-month old child to be safe while playing with this thing?

The Villan: This picture really under-emphasizes how much toddler flesh can get caught in there!

I am currently composing a letter of complaint. Once completed, it will be sent to the appropriate Government department, toy safety organizations as well as the manufacturer itself.

I’m interested to see how Fisher-Price will respond. Perhaps the recommended age should be changed on this toy. Better safe than sorry, don’t you think?