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so i’m in the market for some hosting services for monkeys and marbles. i already own the domain…hosting my blog rather than using the free WordPress service is my next step. simple, right?

oh, so wrong!

after comparing the features provided by the hosting services that WordPress recommends, hubby and decided that i should go with AN Hosting…they had a great deal on that ended at midnight on October 31st. it is now 3am on November 1st…and i am not being hosted by AN Hosting. why? because their online form didn’t like my credit card. apparently there was something invalid about it. okay, i think to myself…i’ll try another….nope! no go. okay….how ’bout hubby’s? nope! 3 credit cards invalid? i don’t be thinking so!

there was definitely something wrong here…so i called their toll-free support number….and i was on hold until after midnight….no deal for me! i hung up before anyone answered my call for help.

fine. screw AN Hosting….their loss!

so i go to our second choice, which would have been our first choice had AN Hosting not had their deal on. BlueHost sounded great. they host hundreds of thousands of sites, and they are rated one of the best hosts for WordPress blogs. perfect!

i start filling out the form to sign up. i’m almost ready to pay, but there’s one more step…i have to read the Terms and Conditions. fine. what can they put in there that i can’t handle?

no spamming….fine.

no selling of controlled substances, illegal drugs, guns, etc….i would never!

the use of foul language and profanity is prohibited. woh woh woh…come again?

are you telling me that if i pay you to host my site, i won’t be allowed to swear on my own blog? ya…that’s just not a good fit for me…fuck!

so i’m still looking. if anyone has any advice or recommendations, i would love to hear them!

[i would like to thank AN Hosting and BlueHost for giving me the fodder for my first NaBloPoMo post]