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a bad dream

Posted on: November 28, 2007

the boys were sleeping, and i was just about to take a bit of a power nap myself, when Zander started screaming “oh no!  oh no!”.

he screamed and cried and kept yelling “on no!” over and over.

i ran up the stairs to see what was the matter.  when i got in his room, he was sitting in the middle of his crib crying.  he was still saying “oh no!”.

i picked him up and held him close.  he grabbed on to me so tight, and his little body was shaking.  i asked him “what’s wrong?”, and he replied with another “oh no!”.  i asked “oh no what?”, and he said “it’s falling!”.  i asked “what’s falling”, and he said “everything is falling!  everything is falling!”.

my poor little boy had a bad dream…his first bad dream that i know of, and in this dream everything was falling.  i’m not sure if it was falling on him, or around him.  i didn’t really want to ask too much, since he was already so upset.

i tried to explain to him that i was just a bad dream, but he either didn’t understand, or was to scared to understand.  he would not go back to sleep.

so i brought him back downstairs, and we had a long snuggle on the couch under his Dora blanket while we watched Thomas.  my proven remedy for just about anything.

i didn’t get my nap, but Zander has forgotten all about the bad dream and is happily playing as if nothing happened.  definitely worth the trade-off.


10 Responses to "a bad dream"

It’s so sad and scary when they start having bad dreams. Carson has been having bad dreams lately, Thomas seems to be the culprit, though!

Maybe it’s the change of the seasons….my daughter is going through this too. She will wake up screaming bout something she may have seen during the day or day before.

You just want to hold them and pull the thoughts right out of their poor little heads 😦

A definite trade off indeed. Oh how my heart ached when I read that he was so scared. I often wondered WHEN kids start to dream? My son is 15 months and wakes up a few times each night. I don’t know if it’s teething or the dreaming! 🙂

Oh, it’s so scary for them. Alexander used to have night terror’s. Oh my gosh. Those were awful. Knock on wood, he’s grown out of it.

How wonderful that you were able to be the source of the comfort he needed. Worth the trade off indeed. =)

oh!!! I hate it when CJ has bad dreams. Poor little peanut!

Just had a similar experience the other night. Will be posting when I get a chance. Isn’t it fun trying to explain to a toddler what a bad dream is?

You have received the Egel Nest Award for blog eggsellence!

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The Egel Nest

Poor little man! So hard.
When my daughter first started having bad dreams it was so hard. We created a nighttime magic ritual and ever since then… no bad dreams.
Congrats on your award! That’s how I found you!!

Congrats on your Egel Nest award!!!

Very well deserved! You have a great blog!!

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