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home again

Posted on: November 25, 2007

i’m home.  finally.  i’ve never been so happy to see this tiny little house!

we got home around 6pm, and picked up some fast food for dinner.  and now i’m relaxing on the couch, laptop on my lap, typing and watching hubby play with the kids.  man, did he miss those boys.  and vise versa….their faces when they saw daddy come through my parents’ door was really priceless.

my plans for the rest of the night are to play with the boys, get them to bed early, spend some time with hubby, and go to bed early myself.  and then a new day will start, i will once again be alone with the boys all day….at least i will be home.  it’s so much harder taking care of them somewhere other than home.

hopefully tomorrow i will have the time….and energy….to start getting caught up on my blog reading….the number of unread post that my Google Reader is giving me is making me dizzy….


7 Responses to "home again"

Yay, so glad you’re home. You HAVE to stop by my blog ASAP. 😉

Yay for home! So glad you’re back!

Mark all read. Seriously. Do it. It’s not worth the angst.

I so know what you mean about it being harder taking care of them away from home – it’s exhausting! And then you feel guilty for not enjoying your trip more. Ugh.

So glad you’re home!

welcome home!

I want to go home.
I want my husband.
My day will come.
In five stinkin’ weeks.
Glad you’re home, I may need you to talk me off some ledges.

I suggest Marked As Read. Really, it’s ok.

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