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the mother of all diaper rashes

Posted on: November 21, 2007

Zander has a diaper rash, but not just any diaper rash.  i’ve never seen anything like this before.

it started out just a little red and sore.  then he got a little fissure that bled when he was wiped.  and man, was that thing ever hard to keep from getting infected!

but now, over a week later, it’s just gotten so much worse.  his whole bum is red.  i’m talking the whole thing…when he’s standing there with a bare bum, you can see the red spreading out from between his cheeks.  it’s as if he’s had his skin scraped off and it’s just raw….it’s awful.

he screams everytime he pees.  he shivers and shakes and screams and kicks everytime his diaper is changed and he has to be wiped.

i’ve been wiping with just cloths and water, and making sure to pat him completely dry after.  i’ve been having him drink extra water to dilute his pee a bit.  i let him run around most of the day with just a shirt and a bare bum.  he so kindly peed on my mom’s living room carpet….which doesn’t really matter since they are tearing it out and putting hardwood down in 2 weeks!

the bare-bum time seems to have helped air and dry it out a bit.  but i just don’t know what else to do.   i’m hoping he can sleep through the night, but i have a feeling i will have to come in and change him at some point.

poor kid….man….this visit hasn’t been as relaxing as i’d hoped…maybe tomorrow will be better….please?

5 Responses to "the mother of all diaper rashes"

That stinks. Diaper rashes can get so bad, so quick. Sounds like you’ve done everything possible. Here’s to hoping he heals soon & you enjoy Thanksgiving!

Oh dear! Check out

Her little girl had something that sounded similar, she tried all the standard stuff, even checked to see was it thrush, and ended up finding some amazing cream that cleared it right up.

try beudreau’s butt paste (usually in the pharmacy section at Target or whatever chain pharmacy you have)

or even a yeast infection cream just like we use.

If he is really acidy you might try mixing liquid antacid with diaper cream.

Well-at least your mom is getting nice flooring.

sending love!!!

the old old remedy for diaper rash is to brew strong strong tea, let it cool, soak a cloth in the tea and diaper him with the cloth right in there against his skin. Supposedly the tannic acid in the tea works. I also used to soak cloths in the tea to use as wipies.

and also, cate? i tagged you for a blogher interview meme. check it out.

I hope Z’s diaper rash has gone away by now… But, in case it hasn’t, whenever the skin breaks, I always put a little bit of antibiotic ointment and then the diaper rash cream (a trick from my pediatrician). Always helps to heal things faster.

Whne it’s really bad, I use a cocktail of antibiotic ointment, diaper rash cream (I like A&D because it’s got another ingredient other than zinc oxide), lansinoh, and monistat (in case it’s caused by a yeast, but put this one on LAST because it burns open skin). Makes for a lot to put on, but it does help.

Oh, and we use the medicated (contains zinc oxide) cornstarch baby powder in diapers when there is no rash – totally helps to prevent rashes. I’m a big believer in baby powder.

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