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23 Responses to "Haiku Friday: introducing your toddler to illegal drugs"

toooooo funny. gotta watch out for those little sponges! they soak up EVERYTHING!

Little repeaters! They never pick up when you say something sweet and motherly, do they? Great ‘ku! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!!!

Oh, that’s so funny! I have the potty mouth in the family, but it was my husband who muttered “shit” when he dropped her lotion as he was dressing her after her bath. Now, the past few days, when she drops something, she says “Sit!”

Funny, because it was not me! 🙂

Just wait until they start to get sarcasm. My 12 year old looked at me when I picked up some beer at the store the other day. “Great Mom, so you need to drink because of me now too huh?” I think he’s just upset because I said he couldn’t use WTF on a presentation for science class. 🙂

Some of the things that they remember and recall is amazing…and scary! LOL

Haha. Yup gotta watch what they pick up from us. We do that same thing too. My kids know many choice words that I wish they would forget. Great Ku.

Oh, dear! Thanks to football mine knows damn. And, every time I say, “Oh darn,” I hear “damn.” Of course, being very mature, I say, “I said darn. Not damn.”

It’s so hard not to laugh when they say stuff like this, but then you do pay the price! Very funny!

Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious. We’re realizing that we have a parrot in our house now too. It makes things interesting.

I would have so laughed too. 🙂

You might get another snotty comment from what’s her name today!

Punkin doesn’t have his drug vocabulary down yet, but he did call his daddy a butt wipe last night!

I hear ya. I feel your pain. But I’m also laughing. Great ku.

How can something be horrible and hilarious at the same time?!

You could always just tell them you were listening to Eric Clapton??

I like Heather’s suggestion about Eric Clapton!

Yup. They ALWAYS recite the words you wish they wouldn’t!

Oh Cate, now THAT is a classic. You should seriously start repeating quantum physic formulas or something for them to repeat – now THAT would be impressive! 😉

Oh, that is TOO funny. That HAS to go in the baby book 😛

Oh man that is funny!
Kids will say anything anywhere anytime.
I was dropping off Super Z at daycare one day and he announced that his daddy hurt his butt. He was talking abount Randy putting Neosporin on a Bobo. It didn’t sound nearly so innocent.

cate, that is a funny story! You’ll have to let us know if he says it out in public now. You know, they have a way of repeating things at the most inconvenient times.

oh my god — that’s a riot!

love the haiku.

That is CLASSIC! Let’s just hope he doesn’t put mommy and cocaine together at the grocery, right?

Oh, my daughter says, “Oh my gosh! Don’t say, ‘Oh my God. Dammit!”

I’m so proud.

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