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feelin’ the love

Posted on: November 15, 2007

thanks to everyone who left their supportive comments and sent their caring emails. i’m sorry if i worried anyone with yesterday’s pity post. i was having one of those days…you know those days where everything just seems like too much to handle. and Zander’s refusal to eat dinner was just the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

i started blogging 10 months ago to try and better record all of the boys milestones and fun moments and memories as they grew up. what i found was how cathartic it was to just write honestly…to vent, and whine when i needed. to record not only the good times, but the bad times as well. because that’s the reality of our life…it ain’t always easy. but it ain’t always bad either.

in the past 10 months i have met so many amazing people. i have met women who make me laugh till i pee. i’ve met moms who have gone though or are going through similar problems, from struggling with ppd to raising GERDlings to having Alopecia. i’ve met woman who have their own battles with things i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

i’d list them all here, but that would take forever. you can just take a peek at my blogroll (which unfortunately is desperately in need of updating), and you will see so many strong, funny, amazing women.

the greatest thing about this Blog-world we are in…when i need to vent, like i did yesterday, i feel like i am among friends. i can say anything. anything i want to say. anything i need to say. and my friends are there to put their arms around me and tell me it’s okay. we all need that sometimes, don’t we?

all the warm and fuzzies were just what i needed. and to further boost my mood, Stepford Mom has thrown blush-inducing compliments my way. the fact that she puts me in the same league as Redneck Mommy is the ultimate ego-stroke. if you’ve never read her blog, get on over there. this woman is strong, she’s real, and she’s got a rockin’ sense of humour to boot!

so thank you again, my friends. thank you for being there for me. and i’ll be there for…you anytime you need me.


12 Responses to "feelin’ the love"

You are so, so easy to love. =)

It’s so cool how we’re different women with different struggles in different parts of the world but we are all the same. We all need a word of encouragement or a virtual hug sometimes and sometimes we are there with what somebody else needs!

I just wanted to share with everybody that my baby (he’s 5) had his first in-line hockey game today! What a crack-up! But also very tearful for so many reasons not the least of which is he is doing it without dad around.

LOL to all of the girls who get it!


You’ve mailed it. Sometimes that’s what blogging is all about…bonding with other people. It’s unique, and I love it.

You so nailed this post (as others said). One of my favorite sayings is “sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield”.

The brotherhood of motherhood!

One whiner always loves another. Speaking for myself of course. If we can’t vent a little in our blogs, where can we vent?

I, too, am overwhelmed by the caring of other bloggers, yourself included. They make those dark days seem just a bit brighter!!!

I agree – it is fantastic to hear the “me too” from people out there. I think about how I felt before I had an online journal, and I can honestly say this is better than a shrink. It is an amazing sounding board… Oh – and I love telling people what to do…so there is that.

You know, I started my blog for similar reasons three years ago. And I’ve found that I get the most out of it when I can write with honesty about the hard stuff. The struggle. You are right, it should be recorded along with the good because that is the reality.

And the venting along with the support–there’s just nothing like it. My blog and my blog-friends are my shrink–and have done me more good than any counselor I ever talked to.

The low days, they come and teh best you can do is try and wade through them.
Hugging you from where I am.

I hope today is a better day…

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