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sticky tape

Posted on: November 11, 2007

hubby got up before me this morning, and went to get the boys who were awake and playing in their cribs. i could hear the boys’ squeals of excitement and “good mor’ing daddy!” as he opened their bedroom doors down the hall.
Zander: where mommy?

hubby: mommy’s still sleeping.

Zander: i go wake up mommy! in a bedroom!

i hear the sound of little Zander feet coming down the hall.

Zander: [as he enters the bedroom] hmmm…around he’e somewhere! [he peeks over the top of the mattress on hubby’s side of the bed] MOMMY!

me: come over here and i’ll help you get up onto the bed (our bed is pretty high, and he’s still figuring out how to climb it safely…he’s a little daunted by the height)

i help Zander up onto the bed beside where i’m lying

Zander: mor’ing mommy! [he gives me a hug and a kiss, and then sits back up and stares at me, looking puzzled] mommy have sticky tape a nose!

i had to think about that one for a bit

me: [after remembering that i was wearing a Breath Right Strip] yup. mommy wears sticky tape on her nose when she sleeps.

Zander: ouch. mommy have booboo!

me: no, mommy doesn’t have a booboo. mommy’s nose is always stuffy, so mommy has to wear sticky tape at bedtime.

Zander: [still looking a bit worried] ya…

me: the sticky tape helps mommy sleep better!

Zander: ya! sticky tape help mommy sweep be’er!

i’ve heard it helps daddy sleep better, too.


7 Responses to "sticky tape"

So sweet. The best way to wake up in the morning.

sweet. i love toddler conversation. the best.

I get the kitty bump to the head and a purr from my sweet little boy in the am. He is also very confused by the sticky tape.



He’s an absolute darling when he’s not driving you mental, isn’t he?

Toddlers have their own little lanuage, don’t they…Very sweet!

I love how you incorporated his way of talking. Love that! & how cute about the strip!! 😀

Oh I can’t wait! I can’t wait to be able to have a conversation with my Onion.

Yours are too sweet. I could here his little voice in my head.


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