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manicures all around

Posted on: November 10, 2007

every couple of days i clip the boys’ fingernails. i clip, and then i file…and i file and i file away any sharp edges and corners. and then i file some more. why? because they both have eczema and are crazy allergic to….everything…nothing…who knows. what can happen if i forget to do it on time?


Logan’s eczema leg

Logan’s leg after a night of scratching

so i do my best not to miss any manicure appointment for the boys…which is tough. not so much for Zander. he’ll actually tell me he wants his nails clipped, and is excited when i tell it’s time for a clipping.

Logan is a whole different kettle of squirmy, flailing monkey. the odd time i will be lucky…if he’s mesmerized by the TV and in a co-operative mood, he’ll sit quietly and let me clip away. but most of the time he screams and grabs at the clippers and kicks and hits and punches and tries (sometimes successfully) to wriggle and squirm from my grip. and unfortunately Logan’s eczema is the worst of the two, so his nails NEED to be clipped most often. oh, what fun!

well, tonight was one of the easy manicures for Logan. fresh from his bath, he sat quietly, snuggled in my arms while he watch Harry and His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs…and i got the job done with absolutely no bloodshed. bonus.

why can’t it always be that easy?


8 Responses to "manicures all around"

I hope your boys are like my daughter. She outgreew her ezema for the most part. She used to do the same thing but hers seemed to be only localized to one arm, the back of her neck and right above her crack. So not only did I have to deal with her scratching I had to deal with her sticking both hands down the back of her pants!

fun fun fun

Why is it that kids are so afraid of the nail clippers? Punkin is the same way, you never know what you are going to get.

And Harry and His Bucketfull of Dinosaurs? One of our favorites, though there hasn’t been a new one in so long we have the rest memorized!

Ooh that looks sore. I hate clipping the kids’ nails. They get all squirmy.

i used to try to do it while the roo-girl was sleeping. not too successful, but i tried.

Ouch, looks like that hurts, my son has the same problem its under control right now but it sucks when its bad…poor thing.. mama to the rescue…lol! love your blog!

It’s both good and bad to have these little moments. It gives us hope, but it also makes the bad times a little more galling.

Haven’t seen Harry and his bucket o’dinosaurs in a while.

My kids all hate the clippers too and I don’t know why.

Holy crap!
This is probably why Sacha won’t let me cut his nails! He prefers to wear his long until they basically break off. I hate it, but it’s easier than fighting with him to cut his nails.

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