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Haiku Friday: two four three three

Posted on: November 9, 2007

don’t know what it is
this number that Zander speaks
it just makes no sense


it’s always the same
two four three three…what is it?
how i wish i knew!

for months, Zander has been repeating this number….2-4-3-3. we don’t know what it is.

sometimes he says it when we are in the living room, dining room, kitchen….where ever…for no apparent reason. but most of the time, it’s when he picks up the clock in his room, or Logan’s room (they have identical clocks). he looks at the clock and says “2-4-3-3!” in this excited voice, like he’s discovered something…or he’s trying to tell us something.

i tell ya, it’s starting to get kinda creepy….is it a date? coordinates? some type of cryptic code? a message from beyond? what. is. it????? i need to know!

Haiku Friday


21 Responses to "Haiku Friday: two four three three"

.oO Spooky!! Maybe Xander’s talking about when LOST will return February 4th, 2033!!!

Do you watch Lost? Sounds like the sequence of numbers that appear there. Creepy, indeed.

Hmmm… creepy. Someday you’ll figure it out and wonder why you didnt before then.

Lottery numbers? Perhaps you should play combinations of those numbers. 😉

I’m witrh Bren. Get thee to a lottery !

I think it’s a secret code! Maybe to a hidden treasure in your walls.

Or maybe he just likes saying it!

Has he recently been taken by aliens? Is he the key to when they take over the world. Dang. Funny ku.

Maybe he knows something about the ‘Lost’ series of numbers as well. The mysterious minds of our kids…

my daughter used to mumble stay away from the halaba. over and over again while playing on the driveway. for almost 2 years!!!!

I finally heard her playing this game with another chiled and figured out she was jumping over hot lava!


oooh spooooooky!

he must know something we dont.

That is odd. Maybe he will grow up to be a programer…

*twighlight zone theme*

perhaps it’s the code to the lock on some treasure chest somewhere!

I don’t know whether to laugh or freak out. Emma used to say the same thing!

I was gonna say, “Does he watch LOST?” LOL

Have you ever seen the movie The Number 23. This kinda of numerical thing reminds me of that. He’s likely a genius. 🙂

I was thinking the same thing about “lost” too! You’ll have to let us know if you figure it out!! Did he hear someone mention a phone number recently? Nicholas sometimes droped numbers when he repeated a phone number he overheard.

Maybe he knows something we don’t…

I hope you PLAY those numbers!!!

Thank you for THE BEST comment ever left at my place today.

Yes, I read the entire thing!
Yes, I loved every letter.
Yes, I am quite impressed…

Thank you so very much.

Hmm. I agree. Play the numbers. Mine says twenty ten for thirty.

Strange, but I’m with everyone else. No one has won that huge 6/49 pot yet!

he must of remembered hearing it from a show or is it a daily time for a nap, outings?? altho if he is looking at the clock and saing those numbers can see that 2 4 = 6 and so does 3 3=6 and also the number 3 is in between the 2 and 4. have you asked him to point out to what he is talking about. with my 2.5 yr old sometimes I have to ask her to show me. also look at his structure in blocks how if the shapes are in sequence of 2 4 3 3

bty hi cate..I just happened to come across this site. Im a grandma of 3 ..2 girls and 1 boy. the boy is 13 and the 2 girls are 8 and 2 1/2. if theres any advise I can give you let me know. altho im not a dr just first hand experience in alot of kids such as my nephews and nieces babysitting them while thier parents worked, now full grown with thier childrren. no I dont babysit them just my grandkids…LOL..

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