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who are you and what have you done with my son?

Posted on: November 5, 2007

despite Zander’s eating issues, iron deficiency and what-have-you, he’s a pretty easy going kid. and we have been blessed with the fact that he loves being in his crib, he loves taking his nap and loves going to bed when he’s tired. well…until last week. suddenly he dreads going to bed, whether if be nap-time or bedtime…he just ain’t havin’ soon as i start doing the normal before-nap things (giving him his iron drops, changing the boys diapers, etc.), he starts telling me that he isn’t tired and he’s not going to go to sleep…just in passing. the first time he did this, i didn’t think much of it. after all, the kid likes to flex his vocabularic muscles…a lot.

but then, when i said “time for nap!” and opened the gate at the bottom of the stairs, instead of racing his little brother to get to the stairs first, he started screaming. i couldn’t get him to calm down, so i told him i was going to put Logan to bed first and left him downstairs. when i closed the door to Logan’s room and turned around, Zander was standing at the top of the stairs. as soon as he saw me he started crying again.

it took me 20 minutes to get it out of him that he wanted to go back downstairs and play. i assured him that there would be plenty more playtime when got up from his nap, even listing all the different possibilities for the afternoon.

i finally got him settled. unfortunately this now happens everyday before both his nap and bedtime. fun fun fun!

i’ve wondered whether he could be weaning himself from his nap, but i don’t think that’s it. even with the fight he puts up, he’s normally asleep within 10 minutes and sleeps for a couple of hours. me thinks he’s just getting so busy with his newfound love for pretend-play and craft time that he just doesn’t want to miss out. at least i hope that’s it….i’m not ready to give up nap-time!


10 Responses to "who are you and what have you done with my son?"

He could be having sleep terrors though I think he might be a little younger than when that usually starts.

Try giving him a few extra minutes before you put him down or try showing him that crafts and pretend play things need a rest too.

With my daughter-I had to show her that mommy did boring things like laundry and cleaning the bathrooms and stuff.

With my son-I just sat and had quiet time myself. He would wander off to his room and lay down with a couple of lovies and drift off to sleep.

Whatever works

Oh sleep issues are just the worst! Yikes.

Ohmigosh, this is my worst fear! I have a baby who loves her crib, bedtimes, and naps too! She tells me “ni’nigh momma” – I am so afraid for this to happen. Keep us posted!

I went through that with both girls…it passed after a few days. Hope that’s all it is for you too. ~Hugs~

Punkin asked to go to bed tonight. At 8:30. This just does not happen. Of course he didn’t want to sleep once he was in the bed, but still.

I’m thinking I need a sweater because surely hell is freezing over.

sleep issues are the pits. they come and go though. unless they don’t. (i’m so profound today. comes from being sleep-deprived)

Perhaps he’s too tired, aka you’re waiting too long to put him down for a nap? I know Kaylee only cries when I’ve kept her up too long because I don’t like her going down too early in the morning for a nap, but sometimes she needs to go down earlier and if I don’t then she throws fits and what not.

This is exactly like Carson, he went through this, but now he’s on a “I like to nap” kick again. hope you don’t lose that precious nap just yet!

Is he having nightmares that make him afraid to go to sleep? I know a lot of sleep issues that suddenly crop up have to do with things they are afraid of.

Maybe try telling him that his toys, you etc. will still be there when he wakes up. You’re not going anywhere. That helped during some of those, “I hate naps” phases my son went through.

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