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such a short visit

Posted on: November 4, 2007

i haven’t been around Blogville lately…short posts, a rare few comments on my favourite blogs…i’ve been pretty elusive.  and for good reason.

my mom is leaving tomorrow morning.  so i hope you will excuse my absence, sparse comments and teeny-tiny posts, ’cause i’ve been using this time to visit with my mom.

geeez…i almost forgot about today’s post…got it in just in time, though!

hopefully i should have time to leave my comments and write something to dazzle you tomorrow.  till then, i’m hangin’ with my mommy!

11 Responses to "such a short visit"

Enjoy your time with your mom!

I got to visit with my mum this weekend…was lovely. She went home today though, so I’m back into things. ~sigh~

Have fun hanging with Mom! I wondered where you went!

I hope you have fun for the rest of her visit!

Hanging with Mom comes first! Enjoy your time together!

enjoy your visit. we’ll still be here when you get back 🙂

Have fun with yer momma! We’ll be here when you’re back in full swing. 🙂

Enjoy your visit!

Hope you had a lovely visit!


Hope you had a great time!!

Have fun with Momma! We’ll be here when you get back!

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