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well, that’s just Google-tastic!

Posted on: October 29, 2007

i check the search engine terms that people find with on a regular basis. nothing really good lately, although, according to Heather, my farting-toddler post should be yielding some interesting ones any day now.

for now, it’s just stuff like:

“i pee my pants when i sneeze” – ya, i know all about that!

“ugly monkeys jumping up and down” – ummm…i got me some jumping monkeys, but they’re not so much ugly as absolutely adorable!

“Eat and my thumb gets swollen” – see, my thumb only gets swollen when i physically injure it…not after i eat….????

“why do you cry when you poop” – i’m not sure who this question is directed to, but my sympathies…

“i’m cool like that” – uh…ya! i am SO cool like that!

but then there was one that…well…someone searched for“chin hair” and got me…crap! i don’t want to be the go-to place for everything chin hair!

well…at least i’m nowhere near the top…i’m 23rd on the Google list for chin hair. of course, this post will probably bump me even further up the list….double crap!

damn you, chin hair!

11 Responses to "well, that’s just Google-tastic!"

I love these! My favourite that’s lead someone to my blog is “How to rule the world with jello.” What on earth?!

pretty funny. but shouldnt you have saved this for november? i’m just sayin….

[…] I always love a good Google Search post! […]

I’ve gotten “mustard stain your milk”. Umn, ok?

Today I got…

Black boobs on the loose in public

You don’t say?

Love google searches!

I’m actually considering making a post of solely random words and word combinations just to improve my search strings.

At least your searches are fun! mine are mostly about mom jeans and j.crew shopping!

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