monkeys and marbles

welcome to the monkey house at night

Posted on: October 24, 2007

okay…so this is the first time i’m posting a video…hubby and i are kinda sticklers for privacy, so we’ve decided to password protect our videos. so instead of embedding the video, i will give you the link and the password. at the bottom of this post, there is a poll…i just want to see what everyone thinks of password-protected videos, and if any will watch them if i post them this way.

nighttime in the monkey house is pretty crazy. the boys get this crazy burst of energy, and either do laps around the house…or this! they were all dressed in their jammies and ready to go to bed, when they decided to dismantle the couch (you will notice the backrest cushions on the floor in front of the couch!) and jump around a bit. enjoy! (btw, the lighting isn’t great in our living room, so it’s a little dim looking, but you can still see what’s going on!)

the password for the video is monkeysandmarbles.

Zander and Logan couch play

will you watch videos if they are password protected?
(you would be provided the password, of course)
always…i love watching home movies!
sometimes…if i have time or really want to see the video!
never…that’s just a pain in the ass!
See Results

7 Responses to "welcome to the monkey house at night"

That’s so damn cute!! I need another kid!

Very cute. Also making me cry that I can’t seem to have another.

How about teaching me how to get video from my digital video camera to my computer?? All I can manage is from my cell phone and it really sucks.

I haven’t really worried about posting videos with passwords. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t really bother me.

You’ve got cute kiddos! Nice to have a voice to put with your pic, too.

Now, on the subject of passwords…’s great and super if you wanna take the time to do it, but what’s the point (really?) if you are providing the password out in the open on your blog, anyway? Just a thought. (I don’t mean to sound bitchy or anything, just posing a question….)

Your boys are just adorable! I love all the giggling.

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