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now that’s customer service!

Posted on: October 23, 2007

hubby and i went through the drive-thru at McRaunchy’s the other day to get a quick bite to eat (despite the fact that i’m halfway through reading Fast Food Nation…i disgust myself!)

Drive-Thru Lady: [with froggy voice that made you imagine she was a chain smoker] Can I take your order?

hubby: Yes, can I have a 10 piece McNugget meal?

D-TL: You want a Happy Meal?

hubby: No. I want a 10 piece McNugget meal.

D-TL: So that’s a 6 piece McNugget meal. Coke to drink with that?

hubby: Yes, I’ll have Coke with that. But it’s a 10 piece, not a 6 piece.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

hubby: Uh. Could I complete my order first?

D-TL: What else would you like?

hubby: A Big Mac meal with Coke to drink please.

D-TL: Okay sir. That will be $XX.XX. Please proceed to the 2nd window.

we get to the 2nd window. this woman appears to be 60-65 years old, and cranky as the day is long.

D-TL: $XX.XX please.

hubby hands over the cash. we get the bag, and are still waiting on the drinks.

hubby: Check what’s in the bag…just in case.

me: [after rummaging through the bag] Uh. We only got a 6 piece nuggets.

hubby: [sighing with frustration] We got a 6 piece when we ordered a 10 piece.

D-TL: I’m sorry sir. I didn’t once here you say 10 piece!

WHAT???????? This lady must have been on crack!

hubby: I ordered a 10 piece. I said it more than once when I was ordering. Can I please have my 10 piece please?

D-TL: [talking to someone else in the restaurant] This guy says he ordered a 10 piece!

we did end up getting our 10 piece, but that was just ridiculous! maybe Miss Drive-Thru Lady should get a job where she doesn’t have to deal with the public, orders of any kind…numbers!


8 Responses to "now that’s customer service!"

Way back when when I worked this type of job they told us that the customer was always right, even when they weren’t. We weren’t supposed to argue.

Obviously people aren’t told this anymore. But 65 and working the drive thru window? I’d be bitchy, too!!!

I heart chicken nuggets. I do not heart annoying drive through people.

Seriously… I wouldn’t listen either if I was 65 and working at a drive through window.

From Lethal Weapon 2 we get the truest truth from the mouth of Joe Pesci

“Never, ever go through the drive-thru…You get f@*ked in the drive-thru!”

I say this each and every time I go through the BK drive-thru because invariably we get a toy that makes at least one of the petit angels in the back of my van sound like a cougar on crack being eviscerated!

ha! It’s a good thing you checked!

I have fears of ordering from drive-thrus. My order is often wrong, maybe that’s the root of the fear!

Freaky, freaky. I am sitting here, just about to read your post about this and popping up in my lower right hand corner in Outlook is an email with this subject line:
RE: Let Us Know Your FAVORITE Fast Food Burger, French Fry, Coffee, Salad, Etc…FUN SURVEY

OMG, what a cowinkydink!

So then I knew it was fate telling me to read your blog. Alls I have to say is next time you go through that drivethru, take a big megaphone and give her a piece of your mind, and then of course, drive away quickly!

Yeah, really. When I’m 65, I’m gonna be surly, even if there’s no reason for it. That’s just how I’m gonna roll. And if I’m working the drive-thru window at the Golden Arches, with a pimply faced teenager for a boss, I sure as heck ain’t giving 110%. I’m just saying.

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