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i’m a Top Momma!!!

Posted on: October 23, 2007

i finally made it on Top Momma! if you like me, love me, pity me, are bored by me…whatever! won’t you please click here to go to Top Momma, and then click on the animated bald woman when you get there?(hint…she’s wearing jeans and a pale blue t-shirt…and she’s the only bald woman there…okay, she looks like the picture below!)  it would mean ever so much to me!

Animated Avatar

7 Responses to "i’m a Top Momma!!!"

hi I voted for you. I hope you win ?…is there soemthing to win or just extra blog traffic
Now will you vote for my twins sons in return … hehe

I stumbled across your blog … haven’t a chance to read around yet.

sorry It is for a twin competition … good on you tooting your own horn I will vote for you again later

Voted for you !
good luck !

Yay! You is the best!

I SO clicked you!

I clicked! I clicked! Hope you win!!!

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