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4 months

Posted on: October 22, 2007

that’s how long we have until we move. we finally got the close date for our new house…February 21st, 2008!

i’m so excited! the last we saw when we drove by the building site, they had dug the huge hole that will one day hold our house, along with the two townhouses that will be attached to us on either side.

we’ve been doing this whole selling-our-house thing and negotiating-for-our-new-house thing for so long…since May! and now we have an actual date to work toward.

our house is sold. we know when we will be handed the keys to our new house. there are just a couple of questions left.

where’d all this crap come from, and how are we going to pack it all????


4 Responses to "4 months"

I fear the day if and when we ever decide to move because I think it may possibly take 68 men 100 days to pack all our stuff, cause I sure am not!!

How very pertinent that last question is! Having moved about a dozen times in the space of six years, I have one, count it, just one, moving tip for you.

Numbered boxes. Yup. Such a blessing. We put a number on each box, then put that number on a spreadsheet. In the column next to the number we put a vague idea of what was in the box, listing important items, etc…

It made unpacking soooo easy! Where’s the shower curtain? Box #23. Where’s the DVD player? Box #7.

Highly recommend it! Good luck! So happy you can see the end of this coming!

Kimberly is right. Of course we didn’t to it when we moved as at that point we couldn’t spell organization, much less exhibit it, but when we were moved by professionals that is exactly what they did.

Of course, some boxes were labeled kitchen supplies, but had my unemptied bathroom trash can in it. Oh, well. At least I didn’t have to pack it that time!

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