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he walked! he walked! he walked!

Posted on: October 20, 2007

Logan finally walked! i can’t believe it! we’ve been waiting for so long for him to finally take a few steps.

since he’s been cruising the furniture very successfully since he was 9 months old, we were expecting him to be walking sooner…especially since he’s watched with envy as his older brother walks and runs with ease. but no…he’s waited till now…he’s almost 17 months old.

now, i’m not the kinda mom who keeps track of milestones. well…the important ones that can signal problems maybe. i also try not to compare Logan to Zander…i know kids do things in their own time, and walking is definitely one of those skills that has an individual time-line. that’s fine.

but here’s the thing….we know he can walk! he’s had the ability to walk for a couple of months now. he walks like a pro….as long as he’s holding one of your hands. he’ll even drag you if he sees something he wants bad enough! but as soon as you let go, he just sits down. not one iota of interest in even trying!

yes folks, i do believe i have a lazy bum on my hands!

anyway, last night we changed the boys into their birthday suits, and then headed down the hall to the bathroom. and Logan lurves his bath time, boy! he started to drag Carlos down the hall…so Carlos just let go. and then it happened. Logan walked 5 steps by himself to the bathroom door…then, holding on to the door frame, turned around and flashed us a cheeky smile. little bugger! we clapped and screamed, and he basked in the glory of his newest achievement. it was a great way to end the day.

but that was last night…and today is today. we cannot get him to even try to walk again. he even threw a tantrum when hubby tried to stand him up at his walker.

lazy bum!

lazy bum Logan

12 Responses to "he walked! he walked! he walked!"

Lazy cute bum! ;o)

Ha, ha, ha! That is pretty funny. I love the he grinned. Almost like “oops, I didn’t want them to know I could walk”. Cute cute picture too. 😀

That is a great picture and his cheekiness is hysterical!

Wooo hooo great milestone. Love the photo.

Yahoo! Cause for much celebration!

Hahaha! Congratulations on the milestone! I think he’s very smart. I love that picture. To me it says “Yeah, see this leg? I *can* walk with it. But guess what? I’m not gonna! Neener neener neener” Total toddler you’ve got there, may the force be with you.

Yay! Please be warned what comes next though Cate. 🙂 Great picture, love that little face!!

He’s a mighty cute lazy bum!

How cheeky and cute is he . Yay
Hi my twin sons are 15 months old and one is the same. He can walk like Logan but choses not to … but the last few days he seems to be getting it. Upwards and onwards … then get your skates on cause you will be chasing him.

My Sacha did the same thing. Took him over a month to take more steps!

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