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Haiku Friday take 2: down with trolls

Posted on: October 19, 2007

this one’s for the wonderful Blue Momma…she got me all riled up!

you hurt my feelings
over-sensitive that day
won’t happen again

with so much support
i feel understood
and loved by you all

i now feel stronger
my bloggy pals have my back
can’t hurt me anymore

to trolls everywhere
if you can’t say something nice
cram it up your ass

’cause this is my blog
if you don’t like what i write
then go somewhere else!

Haiku Friday


11 Responses to "Haiku Friday take 2: down with trolls"

Cate you’re killing me! That was hilarious and touching all at the same time!

Yea! That’s right! You go!

LOVE the 4th one!! haha

hehe I knew you had these in you, you just needed to let them out!

Like Shaz, I am partial to #4. But they all were great!

I will beat their ass if they say something bad. I’m a bad ass mofo, yo! Great ‘kus, Cate!

Right on, sistagirl!

I thought of you when I did my pumpkin patch post where I called my kid a little shit!

I guess we don’t share the troll. She’s all yours!

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