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19 Responses to "Haiku Friday: an ode to pantiliners"

Woo hoo! C-section all the way! I only pee on myself because I’m too lazy to put the computer down to get up and go!

I thought we might get a troll haiku out of you today! It’s not too late to add one….

i nearly peed my pants from laughing. touche, my friend, touche!

LOL! Kegels, baby, kegels. The perfect time to practice is to sit on the toilet and hold it in as long as you can. I know, that sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it?

I’ve only had one child, but while I was pregnant with him I worked at the customer service desk at a mall (yeah, not my finest hour – I was in between jobs), and they would forget about relieving me for breaks (and back then I was a doormat), so I’d stand there for eight hours on many days without a pee break.

At eight months pregnant.

Needless to say, my va-jay-jay experienced very little incontinence issues after giving birth. Those muscles must have been like steel by then.

Great haiku. I had c-sections but still pee myself. Hmmn….

Yup that was me after my son was born. It does suck! Great poem though.

Yeah, I am a C-section gal too. But my sister has this problem. Well told 🙂

Most of us feel your pain. I had two C-sections and one vaginal birth. Best and worst of both worlds!

Oh I have the same problem. Sucks! If you find that workout tape let me know. I try Kegels, but it doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I don’t “exercise” enough.

HAHAHAHA! That’s is brilliant. Same problem over here…

I know your “pain”. Did you happen to read my post on what happens after fifty? I asked a friend or two once about kegels and if they did them. They assured me they did all the time. I felt kinda unusual because I didn’t think about it enough to do it.

Thanks for the comment on my blog and making me laugh because it has happened to me too many times! Having babies sure takes its toll on our bodies! But it surely is worth it!! Have a nice day!! Aloha~

Now THESE haikus I can totally relate to!!!!

Oh how freaking hilarious! I LOVE IT! You’re a genius for articulating it so well and via a ku no less!

Omigosh, how funny. Sigh. My sister who has not had kids says that all it takes is lots of kegels… I haven’t tried enough to see if it works! Though thankfully sneezing doesn’t make me pee – but I did find my limit: The only time I’ve had a little accident post-babies was when I was jumping full force in a jumpy house a a kid’s birthday party and screaming, “WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!” at the top of my lungs. ha ha ha!

Do you ever watch Futurama? There’s one that had me in stitches when Fry walked through a women’s gym and they had the “Kegelmeister 3000” or something like that, and there was a woman on it lifting hundreds of pounds… LOL!!!!

This? Is pure genius! I’m the only one in my group of friends who have kids, so when we get to laughing and.or I sneeze and then cross my legs and run to the bathroom, they just don’t get it. Ah, Karma…

Great haiku & totally true. I have been there & done that! Kudos for telling it like it is!

Ben Wa balls baby!

OMFG!!! Loves it!!!

I get a little, um, emisison??? when i sneeze, barf, etc., etc.

My guest post I want to do is called Sex, Old Pussy and Hemmorhoids. Ya dig?

*looking sheepish*

I had to steam clean the couch once after I had bronchitis. Needless to say, I get where you’re coming from!

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