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Haiku Friday take 2: the sweetest thing

Posted on: October 12, 2007

okay….so today is hubby’s birthday…i told him i was writing my haiku about our TiVo (which i did!), but what i didn’t tell him is that he’s getting a haiku of his own…ya…i’m sneaky like that!

my dear sweet Carlos
today it is your birthday
thirty-five years past

it has been 9 years
celebrating our birthdays
together you and i

words cannot describe
the sweetest thing in my life
you and our two boys

world’s greatest husband
a father extraordinaire
truly my best friend

surprise my darling
did you think i would not post?
but it’s your Birthday!

love ya babe…Happy Birthday!


Haiku Friday

8 Responses to "Haiku Friday take 2: the sweetest thing"

Happy Birthday to Carlos! It’s funny…today is my husband’s birthday too. 😀

Aw! WHat a good wifey!! Nice job, lady!

Happy Birthday, Carlos!

Warrior’s next birthday will also be 35, and we’ve been together 9+ yrs, too!

Love this Haiku! I love creative writing! I need to get back into it! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, btw you have been added to my blog list! If thats ok with you..Aloha!

That’s a great birthday Haiku! Carlos is a lucky man!

How absolutely beautiful of you!!!

the wonderhubby’s birthday is sunday! of course that rat will still be in ireland WITHOUT ME, so…. happy birthday from VERY FAR AWAY. heh

What a wonderful way to celebrate. Wonderfully done!

Happy Birthday, Carlos!
Beautiful job, Cate!

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