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Haiku Friday: an ode to my TiVo

Posted on: October 12, 2007

a post i read over at A Whole Lot of Nothing inspired me to write this one…

TiVo sweet TiVo
you have been a loyal friend
for so many years

you provide so much
my daily entertainment
is never lacking

all of my Wishlists
so many Season Passes
full Now Playing lists

TiVo, without you
i would be completely lost
what time? what channel?

my boys watch too much
at least you let me control
you bring my day peace

TiVo sweet TiVo
you make it all possible
never let you go


Haiku Friday


12 Responses to "Haiku Friday: an ode to my TiVo"

Ah, TiVo, how I miss thee…let me count the ways.

1) Your Comcast replacement SUCKS ASS!

2) See #1.

3) You replacement is Craptastic.

4) I am waiting for Comcast to upload TiVo software (woohoo!!).

Good one, Cate!

I hear such good about Tivo… alas, we haven’t a tv hookup. :/

Loved it!!

Hahaha. We just got a TiVo. I love him. I call him by boyfriend. Hubby rarely gets a chance to handlee the remote.

Where would we be without Tivo? Have you realized your children don’t understand when tv comes “on” yet? Mine just demands, expecting them to magically be there. We currently have 3 tivos. There’s always room for more!

My son is very confused and frustrated when he encounters a commercial. He thinks you should always be able to skip them.

When he goes to his Nanny’s and she plays VCR tapes for him? He just about has a breakdown whn its time to rewind!

i want tivo. badly. i feel so old school with my vcr (which i cannot program to save my life)

I just fell in love with you. Any woman who can fully understand the necessity of TiVo like you can, is love in my book.

[…] today is hubby’s birthday…i told him i was writing my haiku about our TiVo (which i did!), but what i didn’t tell him is that he’s getting a haiku of his […]

TiVO is the best invention EVAH!

What a wonderful ode to Tivo.

I wish we had TiVo here. But alas, all we have are crappy, overpriced PVRs and I don’t have one.

This is just so amazing. I LOVe my TIVO, too!

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