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12 Responses to "Haiku Friday: the curse of the right-hand thumb"

Reminds me of my best friend, she broke th same wrist twice!

Hope they are giving you good pain meds!!

Of course we’re laughing *with* you! *snicker, snicker, snicker*

I love that this is categorized under “on being a tool.” Loves it!

Get better quick! We miss you!

I used to have dummy locks on my car too and jammed my thumb like that COUNTLESS times!! I feel your pain!

Oh, I hope the curse goes away. That sucks.

Oh, Cate, you poor girl. Hope the thumb heals soon, I was wondering where you’d run off to!

I hope you are all better soon. Great haiku!

I’m glad I’m not the only one cursed! Hope yours gets better!

I have a curse but it has to do with dropping food on my chest. LOL

Great job,though!!

curses! foiled again.

seriously…. hope things go better. wondered where you had gone.

at least you have an excuse! i’ve been absent in the blog world lately, but I have no reason for it. Just tired and nauseous!

I’m not laughing at all. Really. 🙂

[…] see, i tend to be…well…accident prone. remember that whole torn-ligaments-in-my-thumb thing from a couple of weeks ago? ya…i haven’t told you how i did it…and there’s a good reason for […]

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