monkeys and marbles

a bloody lesson

Posted on: September 23, 2007

well folks…he did it again. the monkey called Logan went against my wishes (what a shocker…) and got up on the couch again and took yet another one of my beverages off that damn table…again. before we could stop him, he had fallen backwards onto the couch again…this time the glass hit him in the mouth, and some how he bit a chunk out of his upper lip…and the blood flowed freely…

so he bled and he bled and he screamed and he screamed…and he didn’t learn anything because he was doing it again not 15 minutes later…

tenacious doesn’t even describe him…i think i’m gonna check myself into a nice cozy room at the Royal Ottawa for a nice little vacation. (for those of you who don’t live in my fair city, the Royal Ottawa is the local mental health hospital…so that cozy room i’ll be checking into ….ya, it’ll be padded!)

11 Responses to "a bloody lesson"

You know, there really are days when a padded cell sounds just heavenly! ~hugs~

Boys and girls Cate, Boys and Girls.
Mine just goes straight for the drama.
Drama Drama Drama.
Not much blood.

Oh man, my kiddo is just as bad. He’s relentless about getting into things. Doesn’t matter how many times I tell him not to, he still goes for it. We have to keep things high out of his reach or in other rooms he can’t access. It gets annoying. I hope Logan’s lip is feeling better.

i have a grown son who, at 18 months, could dismantle a room or scale a bookshelf in 20 seconds or less. today at 26, he’s a LITTLE calmer.

as for girls and the dahrahma… yeah, moosh, wait till she’s a teenager. oh…my…GAWD.

Maybe you should start calling him Super Logan?

You’d think he learned his lesson!

Can I join you in your padded room?

Well, when my hubby was a stubborn toddler, he apparently rode his tricycle down the stairs 3 times within a 24 hour period. He took the tricycle out of a “no-no zone” the 2nd & 3rd times.

So…he had to go to the ER multiple times. And, my mother in law was so certain that CPS would be called!

Omg, they’ll make you crazy that way won’t they??? Mine pull the same crap and it drives me batty!

Ugh. BOYS. Some days I think I should require CJ to wear a helmet and full-on body padding. They just never learn!!

Yeah boys are a mess! I have one that is three.

Oh, Cate. I wish I could help you. Just think that these moments will help Logan as he grows. He’ll never be the kid who cries when he trips. He’ll be the kid who gets up and keeps running!!

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