monkeys and marbles

the good, the bad and the ugly

Posted on: September 21, 2007

ever since i saw Sara’s post at Suburban Oblivion, i’ve wanted to do something similar…well, this afternoon the perfect fodder made itself available to me….

the good: Logan finally picked up a cup and tried to drink out of it all by himself…and almost succeeded!

the bad: it was my glass of coke that he had taken from the table next to the couch….sound familiar?

the oh so very ugly: his surprise at being caught made him jump up and laugh (that’s right….laugh!), which caused him to fall backwards onto the couch…with glass of coke still in his chubby little hands. as he fell, the coke splashed out of the glass and all over his face, shirt, pants and the couch. thought it’s easy to change Logan’s clothes, it’s not so easy to clean up coke that has gone into every gap between the non-removable couch seat cushions…thank God the couch is leather! i grabbed the only thing close by…a box of wipes. i wiped as much coke as possible off the couch, ripped Logan’s clothes off and used a wipe to “wash” the stickiness from his hair. as i tried to get all the coke sopped up using the dry parts of Logan’s shirt and pants, the little bugger kept trying to get back on the couch! since the cushions were wet from the butt wipes, he kept slipping off, whcih turned into a giant screaming tantrum. after finally getting the boys down for their nap, i continued my quest to de-goop the couch…alas, i have failed. my comfy pants are sticking to the cushion, and every time i moved, the backrest cushions make this velcro sound because they are sticking to the seat cushions. great!

so here i sit, stuck to my lovely leather couch with a blinding split-my-head-open headache….and i’m all out of coke….

oh….it’s going to be a long day….


5 Responses to "the good, the bad and the ugly"

Oh dear! Poor boy, but mostly, poor you! I do love there’s some good mixed in with that. He’s getting so brave!

Oh I’ve been there, only it was me and a Frosty from Wendy’s all over my off-white couch, before Sacha was born. Stupid. Sarah.

Poor Mama! I hope your day turned out better. I hate losing a Coke, especially when I’m nursing a headache.

[…] bloody lesson well folks…he did it again. the monkey called Logan went against my wishes (what a shocker…) and got up on the couch […]

ok, that’s just a rough day. don’t you wonder if some days they’re really just testing to see how far they can push you? lol

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