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8 Responses to "the hair on my chinny chin chin"

oooh, rough!

after the pg, i now have hairs on my upper lip (dark ones that is).

You look cute bald!! MUCH better than Britney 😉

I get chin hairs once in a while too. Just like that. I think it started happening when I was pregnant. Don’t know if that had something to do with it or not.

AAAGHHHH!!! It’s happening to me TOO! Chin hair sistahs UNITE!!

I get ’em too…I think it’s a hormonal thing. But hey, it’s worth the annoyance to give you something funny to blog about, right?

Ooh, that sucks a big one.
BTW, do you and I have the same google reader list? Your shared items are all from my faves!

Now just grow some warts and learn to fly on a broomstick and you are ready for Halloween!

Oh, the irony. Would it be weird to shave it off and paste it to your head? I’m kidding, of course. You’re the prettiest bald woman I’ve ever seen. 🙂

First off, thank you for visiting my blog.

Second of all, you are stunning!

Third of all, I am plagued with those dang things too. They started about two years ago (when my son was about two). The problem is remembering they are there before they are three inches long!

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