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ea’ peet-za!

Posted on: September 11, 2007

since we wanted a quick dinner tonight…a dinner that Zander might actually eat some of (since he has to fast for his upper GI in the morning…dinner is his last meal until lunch tomorrow), we decided to pile the monkeys into the car and go get pizza.

to give you a peek into the World of Zander, here’s a little taste of the lively conversation enjoyed on the way to Little Caesar’s.

Zander: go i’ car! drive fast!

me: yup…we’re going to go in the car and drive fast. we’re going to go get pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup…we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] where va’s house? go a va’s house!

me: no, we’re not going to vavó’s house (translation: vavó is Portuguese for grandma, pronounced va’vaw). we’re going to get pizza.
Zander: ge’ peet-za! hot peet-za!

hubby: ya, we’re going to get some hot pizza for dinner.

Zander: ya! [pauses] bwo a peet-za!

me: you’re going to blow on the pizza? ’cause it’s hot?

Zander: ya! [pauses] no ew!

hubby:, no, pizza isn’t ewy…it’s yummy.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a sea’belt!

hubby: ya, you’re wearing your seatbelt.

Zander: ya! [pauses] i’ ba’ sea’!

me: ya, you’re sitting in the back seat.

Zander: ya! [pauses] a ba’ sea’ boogie!

me: you want me to sing the backseat boogie?

Zander: ya…ya…YA!

me: okay….”doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie! doin’ the back…doin’ the back…doin’ the back..back seat boogie!”

Zander: [smiling and laughing] ya! [long pause] i ha’ idee-ya!

hubby: you have an idea?

Zander: ya ya!

me: what’s your idea?

Zander: [looks at me silently]

me: Zander, what is your idea?

Zander: no! [pauses] ea’ peet-za!

me: yup..we’re going to eat pizza for dinner.

that was the first 2 minutes of the car trip…i would continue recounting this conversation, but there’s a good chance my head might explode…


2 Responses to "ea’ peet-za!"

I have conversations like that with Gage quite a bit. In fact, our conversation (very similar to your own) yesterday was about a triangle. Over & over & over again, I had to sit & look at the triangle a little longer…”Mommy see more.”

Anyway….I have an old Curious George doll from when I was little.
I found this new Curious George doll (you’re not going to believe me….) for $3 at the Family Dollar store. I couldn’t believe it, and of course had to buy one!

Remember when you used to have deep and meaningful conversations?!

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