monkeys and marbles

welcome to “monkeys and marbles”

Posted on: September 10, 2007

this is my first post here at my new home, “monkeys and marbles“. what do ya think?

i guess i should talk about the title a bit. it took me a while to come to a decision on that. as i said before, the title “A Beautiful Life” really bothered me after a while. it wasn’t me at all. and i felt like i was faking it…pretending to live up to that damn title.

“monkeys and marbles”…that i can live up to. the monkeys are my two rambunctious, hyper, destructive, funny, unique, beautiful little boys, and the marbles represent my faculties…my sanity…which can be somewhat elusive. okay, lets be honest…them marbles be rolling all over the place!

so, it may have sounded cryptic when you first read it, but it’s actually a pretty simple title. kinda fun. kinda cute. pretty true. and so me.

oh, and you may have noticed that i’ve started writing in all lowercase. ya. that’s me too. i tend to do that in emails because i think it looks funny…and i got used to it when Zander was a baby since it’s pretty hard to hold down the [shift] key when you are typing with one hand, holding a baby in the other. i’m also doing it to make a distinction between the new me, and the old me. i’ve imported all of the posts from “A Beautiful Life“…i wasn’t going to, but it still represents 8 months of my life (and the boys’ lives). so my pre-m&m posts are still all proper and perfect looking (kinda like i was putting up a facade or something…hmmm), and the current m&m posts will look like this….like me. hope it’s not too annoying…

i’m still tweaking stuff, and i would eventually like to customize it more, but it’s already feeling like home.

i realize that i may have lost a few readers during my hiatus, and now with my move. i hope not, but i know it happens. so, those of you who are still with me…do you think you could give me and my new blog some sugar? so i don’t feel so lonely in my new place? pretty please…with sprinkles???

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9 Responses to "welcome to “monkeys and marbles”"

Hurray! Congrats on making the big switch to WordPress. I look on with great envy.

I have been following your blog for a little while. Someone recommended it to me. I like it. I don’t think I’ve posted before.

I like the new place. It looks great, and I hope that you’re happier here. I will keep this on my reader now.

I like the new look and I think it is really cool that you are making the change to make it feel more like you.

I’m still here. And you, this you, perhaps distinct from the other in blog, is still you. Beautiful as ever.

Congrats! I’m off to change my links for you…

Congrats on the new place!

Looking Sharp !

Yay! I love the new name and the new digs. Very shiny.

Congrats!! I love the name!

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