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Umm…I Don’t Think My Thumb Is Supposed To Be Purple…

Posted on: July 7, 2007

When I woke up this morning my thumb was a big swollen purple throbbing digit of fiery pain. It’s killing me. It’s so swollen that I can’t bend it, and if I try I feel like my skin is going to split open and spew forth all kinds of thumb-stuffing….pretty picture, ain’t it?

We are worried that it’s some type of nasty infection, since I have a small cut at the end of my thumb….hopefully I didn’t get B.I.N primer in my blood stream….I don’t think that would be as fun as my fume-high.

I can’t go to the ER because the wait would be at least 12 hours. And Carlos is gone in a rented van to bring boxes to storage….and as much as I love my MIL (who is here right now to help me), she can’t deal with the boys on her own for that long.

I can’t go to any of the area walk-in clinics because half of them are closed and the other half have stopped taking patients for the day due to long wait times.

So I guess I will just sit here and wait for my thumb to fall off….

Oh…did I mention that it’s the thumb on my right hand? And that I’m right handed? So on the last weekend we have before the house is officially on the market, I am completely useless. Isn’t that the way it always goes? We actually have actually have a running joke about the bad luck my family has always had…and continues to have. One day I will tell you about the shit my parents have had to wade through over the years.

Well, I guess I should stop typing…especially since I shriek with pain every time I hit the space bar. MaybeIshouldstopusingspaces….no?

10 Responses to "Umm…I Don’t Think My Thumb Is Supposed To Be Purple…"

Oh Cate! I don’t know if I’d be sobbing or kicking things if I were in your shoes right now. Argh!

That sucks! I’m crossing my fingers (oops! sorry) that your thumb remains intact.

Oh no! I hope your thumb gets better soon!

Oh girl. The food, the doctors and not THE THUMB?
I’m behind you bloggish speaking, for what it’s worth.

aagghh! I just saw this and saw that it’s from yesterday (we were out of town for the weekend)… DO NOT let your thumb fall off! Soak in Epson salts (or baking soda), put on antibiotic ointment with a bandaid, and go to the ER if it doesn’t improve!! -Dr. Jenny

Ouch! I hope it is better now!

I am picturing that hurt knee you had a few months back.

Bad luck sucks! Let’s hope it doesn’t follow with the house being on the market!

Good luck!

Eek. Is your thumb better yet? Purple is not the most friendly shade of finger.

Um… YIKES!!! Since you haven’t written in a few days now, should I be worried that you succumbed to whatver bizarre infection was plaguing you? Let us know what’s going on! (And if that means you type without spaces, so be it!)

I hope things are better today. Thinking of you.

Umm…beyond worried now! Update please!

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