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Not Tonight Honey…I’ve Got A Knee-Ache

Posted on: May 28, 2007

I am battered and bruised. I took a fall today…and I feel like a big tool!

My mother arrived this morning and is staying for the week, and Carlos took the week off work. So this week is all about working on the house to get it ready for sale, while my mom tries to keep up with plays with her grandsons. Or….it was supposed to be….

Carlos and I spent the afternoon going from home reno store to home reno store looking for painting supplies, bathroom fixtures, tile, carpet…all the things we need to get our house fixed up for potential buyers to start filing through.

We got home a little later than we had planned…I knew that the boys (Logan especially) would be getting hungry, so I was in a hurry to get in the house and get dinner started. That’s when I fell…and skidded across the pavement…on my driveway…with neighbours aplenty watching …what a proud moment….

The most embarrassing part was…well….when I fell, I hurt my right hand, both knees, and all 10 of my toes (I was wearing open-toe sandals, so the tips of my toes were all scraped up)…and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get up….so there I was…stuck…on all fours on my driveway…my large had-two-kids-in-quick-succession ass in the air…with lots of chuckling gawkers onlookers…not humiliating in the least….

Carlos helped me up, and I hobbled to the front door. When we got into the house, both boys wanted us to pick them up…of course…and here was their mother…limping and covered in gravel and blood…not scary at all…

I slowly (and painfully) made my way upstairs to the bedroom, gingerly pulled my torn jeans ( my fave pair, no less), and proceeded to assess the damage. My hand was bloody and filled with gravel, my right knee was scraped with a huge softball-sized purple lump, and my left knee was full of gravel, and blood was running down my leg…then I realized that the big toe on my right foot had a huge hole on the tip of it, and it was packed with gravel…it just kept getting better…

I called for Carlos, since I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to clean and bandage myself up…I mean…I couldn’t even bend my knees! He came running up the stairs to find me pant-less on the bed (not tonight honey…I’ve got a knee-ache!), with blood on knees, hand and toes…what a sight…

He cleaned my wounds, applied stinging burning acid antiseptic spray and covered it all up with gauze pads. I’m so sexy…

So here I sit….with bandaged hand, knee and toe…covered in bruises….and in tons of pain…wondering how much work I will be able to do on the house this week…and feelin’ like a big ol’ clumsy clod….

There will be no photographic evidence of this tragically embarrassing event.


9 Responses to "Not Tonight Honey…I’ve Got A Knee-Ache"

Oh, that’s lousy, but such a fun post! My husband made a fire pit in the backyard last night, feeding both my pyromaniacal tendencies and my oh-my-god-you-are-the-best-husband-ever sentiments. Not havinga pair of thongs I was in 3 inch mules, at one point I bent down to move our 1 year old away from the fire. I didn’t realize my knees were covered with dirt, so standing there in shoes ill-suited for the activity, Sean told me that I was one hot mama. Bless him, I looked like a dirty tool.

Oh Cate!! That sucks!

I hope that your knee is feeling a bit better. Falling in front of people is awful. When I was a freshman in high school, I fell down the stairs. Oh how friggin’ embarrassing! But I am a is just par for the course.

Glad Carlos was there to help you!

Oh no! Sometimes the pride is hurt worse than the actual injury! Sounds like your knee and toes are quite injured, though.

You poor thing. Hope you feel better. And yes, it’s embarrassing to have that happen in front of people! Take care.

Ouch! That sounds like it hurt big time.

Oh, Cate! You poor thing! Hahahahaha. (I hope it’s okay that I’m laughing…. it IS kinda funny… okay, hilarious.) I hope your poor bruised and aching body feels better soon and that you can get done all the stuff that needs to be done. Prepping your house for sale is SUCH A PAIN. Mine’s been on the market for nearly three months now and I’m STILL doing “last minute” painting and refinishing stuff. Ick. I hope it goes well for you! ANd how nice to have baby-sitting help around!

Thank goodness you’re moving. Don’t have to see those gawkers much longer.

Hope you heal quickly!!

I kept scrolling down hoping for visuals and then was DENIED at your last sentence. Darn it!

Ouch… your description of your fall though was funny!

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