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This Is SO Not Me!

Posted on: May 22, 2007

This blog is not me. The look of it, I mean.

I’m not a boring person….although some of you who read my blog on a regular basis may beg to differ.

I think I’m pretty unique….I’m fun….I love to laugh, and to make people laugh…I can be quite the entertainer at times….

My husband says I’m melodramatic, which I know I am. But he also knows I do it in fun. I like to exaggerate. I love to act. I love to act silly.

I can be a raving lunatic at times…that’s just who I am.

I’m creative…I make paper….I make soap….I make cards, gift tags, boxes….I stamp….I scrapbook….tons of fun stuff….

I’m a freak of nature….how many bald women who are allergic to the sun and cold do you know….honestly?

But one thing I’m not is boring. And this blog is boring. At least to look at. Don’t you think? I do.

I want to customize my blog…make it more me. I’m not a “standard blog template” kinda gal.

So I need your input. Those of you who have those wicked-awesome (yes, I am a child of the 80’s) custom header/banners/whatever-you-call-ems…where did you get them? Did you make it yourself? Did your DH make it? Did you someone online to make it for you?

I would love some help in jazzing my blog up a bit. What do ya say?


11 Responses to "This Is SO Not Me!"

LOL..I’ve been waiting for this to happen! I really dont know anything about blogger templates(I’m a wordpress snob, I admit it), but Jen over at Playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren is looking to get hers redone, and I know she’s got a few designers she’s looking at. Drop her a line and ask her who looks good!

Hey, so nice to have found this blog of yours, so interesting. I sure hope and wish that you take courage enough to pay me a visit in my PALAVROSSAVRVS REX!, and plus get some surprise. My blog is also so cool!

Ok, I have wondered this also! I didn’t know where to look! Share if you find any answers and I will do the same.

Hey, can we hang out? You sound like a person I could be friends with? Show me how to make soap? 😉

Hi, just wandered in from Brillig’s blog. I see you’re creative! Thought it would be fun to comment at a fellow cancer’s place…

I have not jazzed up my blog at all. When I signed up to start blogging, I said, “If it takes more than five minutes to set up, I’m not doin it!” And it didn’t. And now I say, “If it takes longer than five minutes to do something new, I’m not doin it!” 🙂

Hi! Thanks for stopping in at my blog today!

I guess I have what one *might* call a jazzed-up blog. I created the design entirely myself–my banner is pieces of my own photographs strewn together, then I put in a second sidebar and made the main post part a different color. My husband is, by profession, a brilliant web designer who has given me pointers here and there, but he doesn’t really get the whole “blogging” thing. hahaha. Anyway, he taught me a few cool html tricks and he taught me some neato stuff with Fireworks. Other than that, it’s just been me tinkering with this and that until it looks how I want it to look. Butrfly was one of my first readers and she would call my blog the “blog-go-round” because I was tinkering with the banner and the design every single day, sometimes several times a day. Hahaha. The one I have up right now has only been there for about a week, at the most. I think I’ll probably change things up every month or so now.

Okay, this is a SUPER long comment, and it’s my first time here. Hahaha. Aren’t I swell? And, uh, wordy? I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all, because I’m certainly NOT! But if I can be of any assistance, let me know. I really enjoyed learning what I’ve learned so far and since my own readers have a headache from my design A.D.D. I’d love to help someone else with theirs!

Lene, I would love to hang out and show you how to make soap…when are ya coming to Ottawa??? 😉

Well, I live in Caribbean. So how about me meet in the middle? 😉

Sure…but where would the middle be?

I art directed the banner on my blog, and my dear husband did the grunt work. Fortunately he’s a designer, which comes in handy quite often, until he thinks he can have an opinion on home decor! (just kidding). I’d recommended playing around with Photoshop or similar graphics software… if you’re not super familiar with computer graphics, manipulating photos can be a great way to create something unique and interesting… apply different filters, collage things together, etc. Good luck!

I have built my own, but I’m not so into that these days and am living on old ones. There’s a lot out there; not all are on blogger. Google and find one you like better, even if you aren’t up to customizing.

I need help with mine too, so let me know what you find out!

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